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Highland Park suspect’s father to be investigated for signing gun application | highland park shooting

The father of the Highland Park gunman will be criminally investigated in connection with the Independence Day attack for signing an affidavit supporting his son's application for a gun license, police said.Robert Crimo Jr, the father of Robert Crimo III – who is suspected of killing seven people at a Fourth of July parade in a suburb of Chicago – sponsored his son's firearm owner application in 2019.Speaking to media before the announcement of the investigation into him, Crimo Jr denied any responsibility for the attack. “I had no – not an inkling, warning – that this was going to happen,” Crime told ABC News.In Illinois, individuals must be at least 21 to independently obtain a Firearm Owners Identification (FOID), which is generally needed to legally own a gun.Anyone under 21 can ap...
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Forecasts point to another extreme heat wave in Spain. “Most likely” they will be right

Honestly, summer is looking worse and worse. It is true that these are only predictions and that there are still days before it materializes, but predictive models draw an increasingly extreme scenario for the coming weeks of July. As González Alemán from AEMET says, "if the forecasts come true (which they most likely will), we could have a record number over the Iberian Peninsula". And that is synonymous with a new 'heat wave'; one that promises to make us suffer. (more…)
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How to improve the visibility of your profile on LinkedIn

If you have a profile on LinkedIn, surely more than once you have received requests from people who had nothing to do with your occupation or your sector. Well, to try to minimize this fact, we are going to see how we can manage our visibility on the platform. We agree that the LinkedIn profile is public, but it is also true that limiting its visibility a little can mean that it does not appear more than it should, and in places where we do not want it at first, such as other networks. social. The truth is that LinkedIn gives us room to protect our profile and decide more selectively who can see it and who can search for it.With the advice that we are going to give you below, you will be able to maintain everything that is the visibility that we have on LinkedIn in a m...

Father of suspect denies responsibility

The father of the highland park parade shooting suspect said Thursday that he had "no inkling" that his son was capable of the rampage that left seven people dead and dozens wounded at the Fourth of July celebration.“I had no – not an inkling, warning – that this was going to happen,” Robert Crimo Jr. told ABC News. "I'm just shocked."Crimo said he never saw his son, Robert “Bobby” Crimo III, as a danger to anyone. He was dismissive of a September 2019 incident when his son threatened "to kill everyone, '' leading police to briefly confiscate 16 knives, a dagger and a sword."I think (that was) taken out of context,” Crimo said. “It's like just a child's outburst, whatever he was upset about, and I think his sister called the police. I wasn't living there.”Three months later he filled ...

The 2gether cryptocurrency platform closes and leaves 100,000 affected

The falls of different virtual currencies, such as Bitcoin, have been happening since the beginning of the yearCOLPISA Thursday, 7 July 2022, 18:42 The Spanish cryptocurrency platform 2gether has not been able to overcome the downturn that the sector is experiencing and has been forced to close down, leaving 100,000 users homeless, according to data from the Association of Financial Users (Asufin). The company announced this Wednesday that on July 10 it will charge 20 euros as a management expense due to the "impossibility of maintaining the free service." From that moment on, both the platform's website and the a...
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Huawei FreeBuds Pro 2, análisis: calidad de sonido brutal para unos auriculares TWS que van directos al top de los mejores

Esta es la Huawei que nos gusta. En móviles no están pasando su mejor época, pero en accesorios siguen siendo una marca referente. Los nuevos Huawei FreeBuds Pro 2 son la mejor prueba de ello. Si con los primeros FreeBuds Pro nos sorprendieron con unos auriculares completamente inalámbricos de gran nivel, en esta segunda generación han dado un paso más para consolidarse como un firme candidato a mejor TWS del momento. No es tarea fácil. La competencia tiene auriculares excelentes. Sean los clásicos AirPods Pro de Apple, los superlativos Sony WF-1000XM4 o los Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro que ya van necesitando una renovación. En Xataka hemos podido probar los nuevos auriculares de Huawei y aquí os contamos qué nos han parecido, desde su cancelación de ruido hasta la experiencia de uso. E...
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Prime Day 2022 Save with these 10 early deals

In this article, ComputerHoy could receive a commission for your purchases. More information. Amazon cannot resist the desire to lower prices for Prime Day and you can already find these products cheaper than normal. prime day 2022 is about to take place, the next July 13 and 14, and to warm up engines in Amazon have decided to lower the price of some products. All so that you can anticipate the large number of discounts and your purchases arrive sooner. These discounts prior to Prime Day 2022 are perfect especially to buy some of their products, such as Kindle readers or Echo speakers, since they will presumably be found at the same price and in this way you have it at home in less time. If you ...

TikTok sued over ‘Blackout Challenge’ after kids die in Texas, WI

MILWAUKEE, Wis. — The parents of children who died last year while trying a Blackout Challenge on TikTok have sued the popular social media platform.Arriani Jaileen Arroyo's father, Heriberto Arroyo, found his 9-year-old daughter hanging inside their Milwaukee home in February 2021 after her younger brother reported she wasn't moving.The lawsuit was filed Tuesday in Los Angeles County Superior Court by the Social Media Victims Law Center. It makes similar claims on behalf of the mother of 8-year-old Lalani Erika Renee Walton of Temple, Texas, who says it also died by self-strangulation while trying to do the challenge last July.The complaints contain TikTok's algorithm continually made Blackout Challenge videos appear on the girls' 'for you' pages where users see random videos they mi...

Red flags missed: How July 4 suspect slipped through system

Illinois’ “red-flag” law could have stopped, or at least slowed down, the suspect in the Independence Day parade shooting from being able to buy the gun he is accused of using to kill seven people and wound dozens more.Police in the Chicago suburb of Highland Park were called twice to the home of Robert Crimo III in 2019 — once after he tried to commit suicide and again when he allegedly threatened to “kill everyone” in his family. On either occasion, they could have immediately exercised part of the law that allowed them to seek a restraining order to prevent Crimo from buying guns for anywhere from 14 days to six months.Obtaining such a delay could have bought critical time for police to seek more information to ask a judge for a longer order preventing a gun purchase.But Highland Par...

Ben Aaronovitch’s Rivers of London novels are set for TV adaptation | Books

Ben Aaronovitch's bestselling fantasy series, Rivers of London, is to be adapted for television.A new partnership will bring together all nine of the novels, plus the accompanying short stories, novellas and graphic novels, for the screen.Rivers of London is part urban fantasy, part police procedural, centering on detective constable Peter Grant. A newly graduated police officer from London, he is recruited in the first book by wizard and inspector Thomas Nightingale to the Folly, a police unit working on supernatural crimes, after an encounter with a ghost.'Something hot' … Ben Aaronovitch Photograph: PRThe books have consistently featured on bestseller lists, with the most recent two novels – 2022's Amongst Our Weapons and 2020's False Value – going straight to No 1 on the Sunday Tim...