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10 fun games to play as a family with an Alexa

That Alexa is a great virtual assistant, no one doubts, and that her ability to control the smart home is really very good, well, neither. But she has a faculty that can be just as interesting. Something as important as having a moment of games that we can share as a family.

Alexa offers us the possibility of playing games, some of them lifelong classics, to share with the family.

Not everything is controlling our smart home, since it also offers this faculty of fun for the whole family.

Some are really fun, others are surprising, and all of the ones we are going to show you are valid for you to enjoy together as a family or at a gathering of friends.


It is one of the most fun and surprising games on Alexa. It is about an intelligent genius who, theoretically, knows everything about you, your family, friends, celebrities and characters in general.

Saying “Alexa, open Akinator” the genius will begin to ask you a series of questions aimed at discovering who you are thinking of. It’s impressive how many times he hits no matter how hard we try to put things on him.

You can guess any kind of celebrity, historical, mythological or cartoon characters. Above all, it is a game that will serve to laugh a lot and have a great time with the family.


Question of the day

It is a simple game, but it will make all of you who judge answer questions of greater or lesser difficulty.

Saying “Alexa opens question of the day” will activate the game and make you a question you have to answer quickly. This is a great way to learn something new every day and have a great time with family or friends.

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Surely you are going to learn more about a curiosity that you did not know, since some questions are at least curious.

Question of the day

True or false

It is another extremely simple game, but very fun, where Alexa launches a series of questions that we must answer if they are true or false.

The game will always take care of explaining each of the answers so that you are clear about why the question you have just been asked is true or false.

True or false

Trivial Pursuit

We have little to say about this game that is not already known, since it is one of the most popular classics of all time.

It’s about competing with others to manage to accumulate all the cheeses of the different categories and thus be able to choose to reach the last one, which awards the definitive winner.

It is valid for all ages, since it adapts the questions to the age ranges of each of the game participants. It is one of the best ways to have a fun time with the family.

Trivial Pursuit

escape room

Escape rooms in real life are games where you have to escape from a room using a series of clues to get it done. On the computer there are really fun games dedicated to this genre that emulate this situation,

This game for Alexa gives you descriptions and sound tracks so that, through the assistant, you can discover all the secrets in the room, which will lead you to the exit and, therefore, to victory.

Escape Room

I see I see

Another classic game that we have all played with friends or with our parents when we went on a trip in the car and got bored.

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Just by saying “Alexa, I want to play Veo Veo”, we can start playing. We will tell the room in which we are, room or living room, so that the assistant immediately chooses an object that is present in that place.

From there, we should be the ones to guess what it isalthough, as usual, we will be able to ask for clues.

As Alexa saves the record of guessed words in a row, we can alternate between all of them to see who can overcome it.

I see I see

chained words

Another one of those games that we have all played at some point with our parents, siblings, relatives or friends.

It is as simple as saying words that must match the first letter of the one you say with the last one pronounced by Alexa and so on. You have to be careful because words cannot be repeated (the assistant keeps a list of those that have already been spoken) and because time is limited.

Just say “Alexa, I want to play chained words” to start playing. When you finish, another member of the family can play.

chained words

memory challenge

In this game all the members of the family will be able to put their memory to the test, since Alexa will say a series of colors and we must repeat them in the same order.

To achieve this we will have 3 attempts and if you do not succeed, then another person in the family will have to try, but of course, Alexa will change the order of the colors again.

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If you manage to go through the phases, things will get more complicated, since it will say more colors and faster.

This game is a challenge, extremely fun and for the whole family.

memory challenge

Pass word

If Pasapalabra is one of your favorite television contests, now you can play it on Alexa, sharing the experience with your family.

In this case we will go directly to donut to play for the 25 words that make up this part of the contest with those that go from A to Z. We can answer it alone or against an opponent from your family.

It’s very funny, exactly the same as on television, we can even hear the voice of Roberto Leal.

Pass word

guess the movie

Here we are going to put our knowledge about cinema to the test, since Alexa is going to read the original dialogue from a movie and we have to guess what it is.

We will have three attempts for each of the movies, to move on to another family member the moment we lose. We can ask him to repeat the phrase again or give us a clue.

guess the movie

Thanks to all these games that we have just seen, we will be able to spend some very fun times together with our family and Amazon’s virtual assistant called Alexa.

These are some of the best possibilities, although we have more at our disposal, since the number of Game Skills that we have in Alexa is really large.

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