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10 homemade alarm clocks that you can make yourself to start the day well

Why buy it if you can do it yourself? Of course, this is fine, as long as you are trained to do it.

When we get up in the morning, many practically do not need an alarm clock, but others not only need it, but the warning must be repeated several times so that they can get up.

Above all, for seconds, you need to have a powerful alarm clock. The truth is that, if you are into DIY and you are a “handyman”, you can make one yourself and give it all the power or forcefulness you need.

For all those who want to encourage you to carry out this action, we are going to leave you with a series of examples by which you could get a great alarm clock, which also generates the satisfaction that you have done it yourself.

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Using an old smartphone

If you have a smartphone at home that you don’t currently use at all, it’s time to put it to good use with this alarm clock project.

What we will achieve is that it will show us the time, wake us up and will even be able to play music, since it will have an amplifier and a speaker.

One of the best things about it is that it is very compact, so it is ideal to be able to take anywhere when we go on trips or, for example, camping. Plus, it’s super compact, making it a perfect camping accessory.

To do it safely, it is best to take the manual step by step on how to build it.

VFD alarm clock

This is a VFD alarm clock that stands out for having a really nice design and differentiator.

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It detects a vacuum fluorescent screen that you can easily create from any vacuum fluorescent that we have or we can directly buy a IV-27M Russian 13 grid (seven-segment tube) in the store where we usually get this type of product.

So that it looks good on you and you can show off your work, it is best that you follow the instructions on how to build it.

At dawn

If the sound that your alarm clock gives off every morning is unbearable, you can produce it yourself one of a kind sunriseas the night lamp gradually lights up, stimulating our visual senses until it wakes us up.

That is to say, it is a way to wake up very soft, as well as natural and comfortable. Much more than the standard irritating sound alarms.

Take a look at the guide on how to build it to get it in your home and done by yourself.

nature sunrise

In this case the awakening will be done with the dawn, but the natural.

This type of blind opening alarm clock uses a geared motor, a spark core and an H-Drive circuit powered by a 12V power brick, to drive a pull chain and a blind chain gear to open the blinds from the window every morning.

It is a way of waking up with the sunrise typical of the place where we live, that is, more natural than that is impossible.

See the instructions to learn how to make and place one in your room.

quickly turn off

With this project we are going to create a phaser to turn off our alarm clock instantly as soon as it rings.

It’s perfect if you have a hard time getting up and you need something to help you with that task, but you don’t like the fact that the alarm clock rings over and over again.

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You will only need to point the phaser at the alarm clock to turn it off, and all this without having to leave the bed, although forcing you to use it so that you wake up.

the puzzle

If you usually forget to set the alarm and, of course, end up waking up late, this alarm puzzle It is for you without a doubt.

Must manually set the time by rearranging the digitsthat is why it is called a puzzle or a puzzle.

Although it may seem like a normal alarm clock, the truth is that the lights come on a few minutes before it rings, which will make us get out of bed. You can also play music, read the weather forecast, traffic reports or any other information necessary for us to start the day one hundred percent.

This is the guide detailing how to build, which will help us get to do it ourselves.


Even if you see it that way, alarm clock will not explodealthough it might be the only way to wake up some people.

What it does do is be incredibly annoying. It has several PVC tubes and LEDs that light up when it sounds, making you wake up yes or yes.

To know how to build it with all its components and make it as striking as in the photo, you must follow the instructions.

speaks to us

if you want a talking type alarm clockyou will have to shell out good money because they are not exactly cheap, yes, they behave smoothly and wake up in a very natural way, something that many users love.

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If we decide to do it ourselves, we should consider it as something fairly easy if you are good at this type of thing, since focuses on a Raspberry Pi and features a basic breadboard with a couple of resistors and capacitors.

We can make it reproduce words or even sing to us, although we must follow all the steps carefully without making mistakes.

Water gun

If you are one of those people who fall asleep wherever they are and do not wake up unless it is for something radical, this alarm clock with a water gun certainly fits what you need

It is the combination of a motorized water gun and a typical sound alarm, all designed to throw water at you sounding the alarm simultaneously.

In the instructions you can see everything you need to make such an accurate alarm clock.


This is another of the fixed alarm clocks for people who are almost impossible to wake up in the morning. If you don’t want to feel the water like in the previous example, here you can experiment a little slap for you to wake up

Its purpose is to gently slap you until you wake up. If you follow the instructions you will be able to build it, in addition to knowing what supplies you need.

As you have seen in these 10 examples, we will be able to build a series of alarm clocks that can be adapted to your needs and that may be perfect for us.

We just need to be a little skilled with everything that is DIY and in some cases electronics.

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