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10 IKEA accessories for your home office if you telecommute

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If you are a new victim of telecommuting for more than two days a week you need to adjust your work zone. These IKEA products are what you need to have an efficient dedicated area.

Telecommuting has its good things, also its bad things, but if you are a person who better copes with work from the comfort of your home and you want this to go on for a long time, you have to adapt your work area to make it comfortable.

At IKEA you can find practically everything you may need to create a telecommuting area where you can put your laptop or desktop PC and work better. These products are perfect and will cost you very little.

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From a good table with space to work comfortably, an ergonomic chair where you don’t leave your neck or accessories that will make organizing your table not a chaos.

You can also set up a smart home with their products and even improve your health with one of their air purifiers. And finally do not forget to organize your cables that are hanging behind the table with its accessories.

You can find all these products at IKEA and buy them online to have them delivered to your home. All that remains is to assemble and organize them in your new work area. You can also choose to pick them up at one of their centers if you have one nearby.

  1. Ergonomic chair
  2. monitor stand
  3. Wireless charger
  4. document tray
  5. mat
  6. Desk
  7. Desk lamp
  8. pegboard
  9. Organizer
  10. chest of drawers
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HATTEFJÄLL ergonomic chair


The HATTEFJÄLL chair It is a good product and one of those in which the more money you invest, the better quality of life you will have. And it is that an ergonomic chair to spend working hours is something very important.

HATTEFJÄLL is a chair with armrests that you can adjust, an adjustable height from 41 to 52 centimeters and it has wheels to be able to move freely. It costs 249 euros and is available in grey, light pink, black and beige.

ELLOVEN monitor stand

ELLOVEN monitor stand

If you have a monitor and it cannot be adjusted in height and it is not at eye level, it is a problem. Ergonomics tells us that to have a good posture, the top of your monitor must be at eye level.

This monitor stand ELLOVEN It allows you to put it at a good height and also gives you a fairly large drawer and below it an area to store the keyboard. It only costs 29 euros.

NORDMÄRKE wireless charging base


If you have a mobile phone with a wireless charging system, you cannot miss this IKEA NORDMÄRKE. It is a vertical charging base that allows you to have the mobile with good visibility while the battery is recharging.

You can put the mobile upright or in a horizontal position to recharge its battery thanks to its two coils. It costs 15 euros at IKEA and charges with a maximum power of 5 W.

KVISSLE document tray

KVISSLE document tray

The document tray KVISSLE It is perfect for those who have too many papers from their work on the table. When you finish working you just have to organize them in one of its 4 trays that you can take out and you will have a clean work area.

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It will only cost you 25 euros at IKEA.



The LÅNESPELARE mouse pad It’s perfect for people who prefer to use their mouse on a grippy surface rather than the smooth areas of tables.

It is a product that only measures 36×44 so it is a compact size to use with the mouse independently and it will only cost you 8 euros.



If you are looking for a comfortable table with space for your work area, we recommend the UTESPELARE desk.

It measures 160 x 80 cm, it is from the IKEA gaming range, but it is perfect for those who need to work because of its size and accessories. It has a rear grid to be able to pass cables and a grid at the bottom to put a strip and all the cables that usually hang.

You can buy it at IKEA for 149 euros.

NYMÅNE desk lamp


If you need lighting on your desk to be able to work in low light, at least do something else. That’s why this is IKEA NYMANE table lamp it’s so curious.

It has an LED spotlight and at its base an area to charge any mobile with a maximum power of 5 W. It costs 69 euros.

SKÅDIS pegboard


SKÅDIS pegboard is quite handy to put near your desk because it’s not just for hanging things like a poster, photos, headphones or any product you can think of. It can serve as an area to leave notes or to organize.

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Very comfortable to leave any note nearby, this board will only cost you 14 euros and measures 35×56 cm.

MOPPE organizer


MOPPE It is a very classic IKEA product and very useful for your work area. It is an organizer with 6 well-differentiated drawers. A large one at the bottom, two intermediate ones in the middle and 3 small drawers at the top.

Very useful for organizing those small items that end up on your table or even documents. It only costs 29 euros at IKEA.

ALEX chest of drawers


The ALEX chest of drawers is also another of those mythical products at IKEA due to its longevity. It is a chest of drawers with wheels and 5 drawers of different sizes that you can move around your workstation or make it fixed under a table.

The price of this chest of drawers is 100 euros.

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