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10 reasons to attend Micro Focus Universe 2022

Micro Focus Universe 2022

We face a major digital dilemma: how do we keep our IT organizations running and resilient, while transforming our environments to new technologies delivering the innovation our customers demand? You cannot sacrifice one thing for the other. Find out how Micro Focus teaches you how to balance today’s needs with tomorrow’s opportunities to solve this complex digital dilemma.

Join Micro Focus Universe 2022 for yet another year as we explore the full range of solutions available to your business at our premier customer and partner event, Universe 2022.


What will you find at Micro Focus Universe 2022?

Specialized sessions with ideas and advice from our experts, working groups with use cases, Best Practices from our customers and partners from around the world, and much more!

A unique event where you can discover all the news of:

  • Application Delivery
  • Application Modernization and Connectivity
  • Cyber ​​Resilience
  • Information Management and Governance
  • IT Operations Management
  • and Vertical

Check here the complete schedule of Micro Focus Universe 2022.

10 reasons to attend Micro Focus Universe 2022

  1. A unique Universe Keynote: Industry experts and senior leaders come together to discuss real-world strategies and solve the digital dilemma of how to simultaneously run and transform IT organizations.
  2. 6 master conferences: Product experts delve into the new releases, upcoming updates, and key initiatives of each Miro Focus product portfolio.
  3. 7 sponsored sessions: Hear directly from our industry-leading partners and partners as they share key insights, trends and strategies to solve the digital dilemma.
  4. + 100 work sessions: workshops directed directly by our clients. Hear best practices and tips from our success stories.
  5. 7 live broadcasts from our studio: new 2022! A perfect opportunity to go live to see dynamic and specific content during each of the sessions.
  6. Master classes: Senior professional services leaders share how to build true digital factories for the perfect blend of IT hubs with centers of excellence.
  7. SaaS Talks: Top Services experts discuss how to make working in the cloud more efficient and better understand why it’s necessary to keep running while transforming IT organizations.
  8. Innovation area: find solutions to the digital dilemma with the possibility of winning great prizes. Each stop in the innovation race offers unique opportunities to discover the keys to transform your business without stopping your activity.
  9. Meeting area: connect directly with our Micro Focus product experts and strategic partners like never before.
  10. +50 Client References: Get to know some of our clients from different sectors and how they have already solved their digital dilemma by transforming their environments without slowing down their business.
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