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10 reasons we’d love to see the Nationals’ Kyle Schwarber at the 2021 MLB Home Run Derby

Kyle Schwarber has been on an all-time home run during June. The Nationals slugger has hit 16 home runs since June 12 and has helped lead the Nationals to a 13-3 record in their last 16 games.

The power of the slugger has been something to behold, and he has joined players like Sammy Sosa and Barry Bonds during their rise in power as one of only three players to hit 15 home runs in a span of 17 games.

And his performance makes us wonder: wouldn’t it be nice to see Schwarber participate in the 2021 MLB Home Run Derby?

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The derby field is shaping up to be strong with Shohei Ohtani, Pete Alonso, Trey Mancini and Trevor Story set to take part in the event at high-altitude Coors Field. Adding Schwarber to that crowd would certainly add an extra touch to the hitter-friendly park.

Here are 10 reasons why MLB should make sure you take part in the derby, or at least get invited to do so.

1. Since June 12, Schwarber has hit 16 home runs. At the time of his 16th blowout, he had as many or more home runs than 10 teams in that 17-day span.

2. Schwarber’s long balls in that span have not been cheap. He has averaged 410.3 feet per home run during his streak with 10 of his home runs traveling above the 400-foot mark.

3. Despite playing only 69 games for the Nationals, he has already hit the team’s fifth-longest home run (463 feet) since Statcast started the follow-up home run distance in 2015.

Rank Player Distance (feet)
1 Michael A. Taylor 493
two Ian Desmond 477
3 Bryce harper 473
4 Juan Soto 466
5 Kyle schwarber 463

4. Schwarber’s 463-foot home run is tied for the 24th longest home run in baseball this season with former Cubs teammate and wide receiver Willson Contreras. by There have been 2,774 home runs this year, making his longest home run in the top 1 percent of MLB.

5. Schwarber has recorded seven starting home runs this year for Washington. That’s the best in MLB.

6. Even more impressive than that? Schwarber didn’t hit the leadoff until June 8. So he’s hit seven starting home runs in three weeks.

7. Schwarber’s top exit speed this season was 116.6 mph. That ranks in the top 1 percent of MLB, by Baseball savant.

8. Schwarber’s strongest home run had a 115.4 mph exit velocity, the 27th fastest home run of the season, according to

9. The Nationals slugger has undoubtedly hit 15 home runs this year, according to Baseball Savant. That means 15 of his explosions would have been home runs in all 30 MLB stadiums. That’s tied for the league lead with Rays catcher Mike Zunino.

10. Here’s a look at all of Schwarber’s home runs since June 12 at once. Now, imagine him doing that, or twice as much, in a single round of the Home Run Derby.

Schwarber’s hot streak has certainly been fun to watch. It would be nice to see him try to continue against some of the best sluggers in the world.

And if he can stay warm, maybe he can challenge Vladimir Guerrero Jr.’s derby record of 91 home runs set by the Blue Jays slugger in 2019.

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