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10 rosé wines out of the ordinary | The traveler

A clear example of the strength of rosés in Spain is the incorporation of minority and unusual autochthonous varieties into their production, some at risk of extinction, which provide great variety and uniqueness to this versatile type of wine.

10 rosé wines out of the ordinary

1. Marqués de Murrieta Primer Rosé 2020

This is a rosé of the Riojan mazuelo variety, with a refined and elegant aroma of ripe red fruit and floral notes, in harmony with citric liveliness, and spicy and pastry notes. It has body and a fresh persistence.

10 rosé wines out of the ordinary

2. Mara Moura Bastardo 2020

Attractive black white from the Galician bastard varietal, with an aromatic offering full of acidic red fruit, along with white tree flower and balsamic herbs. Tasty, with good structure, fresh and balanced on the palate.

10 rosé wines out of the ordinary

3. Nicte Rose Petals 2020

An excellent sample of the Leonese prieto picudo variety, with an intense aroma of ripe white fruit with floral notes and citrus freshness. In the mouth it is tasty, broad, well endowed with acidity that compensates for the final sweet point.

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10 rosé wines out of the ordinary

4. Payment of the Grandparents Rosado 2020

The personality of the Berciana Estaladiña variety is articulated in this rosé wine in its intense aroma of red fruit and white flower, with notes of nuts and a distant echo of spices due to its slight aging in oak. Very tasty and consistent.

10 rosé wines out of the ordinary

5. Sousón Rosé 2020

Made with the native variety of Ribeira Sacra with intense aromas of wild berries (blackberry, cassis, strawberry), to which fermentation in oak barrels provides a light vanilla background, along with floral hints. Fresh and tasty on the palate.

10 rosé wines out of the ordinary

Sitta Rosado 2020

Three minority Galician varieties for a different rosé, intensely fruity (wild strawberries, blackberry), with elegant white floral tree notes. Very tasty and balanced, it leaves a refreshing taste in the mouth.

10 rosé wines out of the ordinary

7. Alagú Forcallat Rosé 2020

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A rosé made with the Levantine Forcallat variety, with a fresh fruity aroma of cherry and citrus (blood orange), with floral notes, delicately sustained by a background of brioche. In the mouth it is tasty, with a pleasant persistence.

10 rosé wines out of the ordinary

8. The Pink Tear Tap 2020

Made with the Canarian variety listán negro in open base, with a suggestive aroma of fresh and exotic berries (cassis, raspberry), floral notes and smoked memories. It is a full-bodied, balanced rosé wine with a smooth saline finish.

10 rosé wines out of the ordinary

9. F. Schatz Rosado 2020

Rosé of the black muscat variety, with a suggestive aromatic combination of wild fruit (strawberries, lychee) and rose petals and violet flower on an oak background for its five months of aging. Full-bodied and long final freshness.

10 rosé wines out of the ordinary

10. Txomin Etxaniz 2020

The Basque hondarrabi varieties give this rosé a refreshing aroma, with the intense imprint of fleshy fruit, citrus notes and wild floral nuances. It is light and lively on the palate due to its slight carbonic.

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