Saturday, September 30

10-year-old Ohio girl’s abortion story may be first of many to emerge

Figuring out where to draw the line when it comes to abortion restrictions is messy, and Ohio doctors say the case of a 10-year-old Ohio rape victim shows why those decisions should be left to patients.

A 10-year-old Ohio girl was forced to travel to Indiana for a legal abortion in June after Ohio’s so-called heartbeat abortion ban went into effect.

The law prohibits doctors from performing the procedure when cardiac activity can be detected, which is usually possible around six weeks’ gestation. The law allows for some exceptions, such as the life of the mother, but things like rape, incest and mental health are not included.

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While it’s possible for some 10-year-olds to carry a pregnancy to term, the mental trauma of forcing a child to carry and deliver a rapist’s baby could last a lifetime. It’s likely to lead to life-threatening struggles with issues like addiction or suicide, doctors told The Dispatch.

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