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11 Reasons To Use A Buckwheat Pillow And How To Buy One

Sleep is essential for one’s optimum health. To enjoy the benefits of a good night’s sleep, you need to have a restful sleep for at least eight hours every night to give your body and mind enough time to recharge themselves. Unfortunately, many factors may prevent you from getting the best quality slumber. 

For example, a poor bedroom environment may lead you to not be able to sleep for hours. Generally, a good sleeping environment includes various aspects such as low noise, proper room temperature, and comfortable bedding materials. In terms of bedding materials, it’s an excellent idea to consider adding a buckwheat pillow to your bedroom.

Also referred to as Sobakawa, a buckwheat pillow is named after its filling: buckwheat husks. Such husks are the buckwheat seeds’ outer shell that provides a firm feel. When used as pillow fillings, their firmness supports the back, spine, and neck, offering stress relief and allowing you to sleep more comfortably.

If you’re unsure about buying a buckwheat pillow, here are the reasons why you should use one:

  1. Buckwheat Pillows May Help Maintain Proper Posture

Neck pain and poor posture are common problems experienced by many people, especially those who sit for long periods. But did you know that sleeping may also cause such issues?

Some people sleep on their side, which can result in shoulder pain and back pain if not properly supported. Having a good posture while sleeping is essential and it usually requires support on your shoulders, head, and neck. The best solution for this is to use a buckwheat pillow.

The buckwheat pillow’s hulls can hold your neck and head in an ergonomic position. They’ll also mold into the right shape of your body, providing you extra comfort.

Many soft pillows flatten under your head’s weight. For that reason, they might not provide the necessary support. This is why sleeping on the side requires shoulder support, which buckwheat pillows can provide. But if you find a buckwheat pillow too firm, you can use a millet pillow as an alternative.

  1. They’re Known To Smell Good

Due to their synthetic fillings, most traditional pillows often smell like plastics or chemicals. On the other hand, a buckwheat pillow has a natural smell and can be odorless at times. 

Even if the buckwheat’s scent varies depending on the pillow you choose, most of them exude a fresh and soft scent that won’t overpower anybody’s slumber. It’s said that many also find the smell refreshing as it reminds them of nature and the wonders it offers. 

  1. Buckwheat Pillows May Reduce The Risk Of Back And Neck Pains

If you regularly experience neck or back pains, they can be due to the position in which you sleep at night or your movement during the day. Muscle pains on your lower back and neck can be uncomfortable and may hinder you from doing your daily activities. Fortunately, there are many ways to alleviate neck and back pain; one of these is to invest in quality pillows like a buckwheat pillow.

Buckwheat pillows can help ensure that you have good posture while sleeping, allowing you to relax better. 

Take note that muscles and soft tissues are tasked to support your spine. If you have poor sleeping posture, it can cause such muscles to work harder to ensure that you maintain the right position. Over time, fatigue may wear down your joints, bones, and muscles, resulting in undesired pains in the morning. To avoid this, don’t hesitate to use a buckwheat pillow.

  1. Sobakawa Pillows Can Be More Cost-Effective 
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A buckwheat pillow can be more cost-effective because it doesn’t require meticulous cleaning and lasts longer than traditional pillows. Its covers can also be washed easily and the pillow can be dried out under the sun. Plus, it’s less expensive than high-end foam pillows. The husk refills are cheap and can be bought in reputable stores online and offline if the need arises. 

  1. They May Offer Migraine Relief

The causes of migraine may vary from one person to another. Yet a buckwheat pillow may help provide relief. It’s because buckwheat pillows may support airways and soft tissues, providing soft pressure against particular pressure points along with your skull and neck. Such pressure points may trigger relaxation through blood regulation and the release of feel-good hormones like endorphins. If you want to learn more as to how Sobakawa pillows fair compared to their peers when it comes in support tests, you may visit links online such as.

  1. Buckwheat Pillows Are Breathable And Can Keep You Cool

Traditional pillows can trap body heat, making them uncomfortable and hot, especially during the summer. Due to lack of air movement, warm air can’t escape your pillow and can bring you discomfort. 

With a buckwheat pillow, it can help keep you cool. It’s breathable and allows air to move through, letting heat dissipate effectively. Since a buckwheat pillow doesn’t trap heat, you might not have to turn your pillow repeatedly while you’re sleeping.

  1. Buckwheat Pillows Are Long-Lasting

On average, it’s said that a buckwheat pillow can last for years with proper care and maintenance. Its lifespan may also depend on the quality of the material used and its thickness level because hulls may wear against thin materials through consistent friction over time.

Heavy-duty zippers and well-sewn seams help hold in hulls, and they have to be durable enough to resist the heft of the hulls because they’re quite heavy. The buckwheat pillow hulls may start to wear down in the long run, but if your pillow has an adjustable loft, you can quickly refill your pillow with another bag of hulls.

  1. They May Repel Bacterial Toxins And Dust Mites

Typical pillows can be infested with dust mites quickly. When it happens, you might find it uncomfortable to sleep knowing that these asthma-triggering and allergy-inducing little critters are thriving on your pillows. The hulls inside the buckwheat pillows may deter dust mites. Nonetheless, it’s only effective if you buy a quality-made buckwheat pillow.

Aside from that, buckwheat pillows don’t contain bacterial toxins. So, consumers with allergies can be sure that they’ll get relief with pillows filled with organic and quality buckwheat hulls.

  1. Buckwheat Pillows Have An Adjustable Loft

The loft of a buckwheat pillow can be adjusted easily. Depending on your preferences, you can add or take out as many hulls you desire. Due to this, a buckwheat pillow is great for back and side sleepers. If you’re a stomach sleeper, you may adjust the pillow to a low loft to experience comfort. Just make sure to have a sack or jar to store excess buckwheat hulls and always keep them dry.

  1. Sobakawa Pillows May Help Reduce Snoring
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Snoring is one of the common problems of many people. The noise can be irritating and may result in a lack of sleep for some individuals. Luckily, it’s something that can be solved quickly, depending on the primary cause.

Since many people snore due to poor sleep posture, you need to use a quality pillow, like buckwheat pillows. Low-quality pillows may compromise your airways, making you snore.

While a buckwheat pillow may not treat your snoring problems outright, it may help with your sleep posture, keeping your airways open throughout the night. If you experience changes after investing in quality buckwheat pillows, it could be best to consult your doctor for possible treatments to get rid of snoring effectively.

  1. Buckwheat Pillows Are Said To Be Eco-Friendly

With today’s growing concerns about pollution and climate change, it’s wise to use products that are made from renewable and natural materials. So, if you’re out of the market to shop around for eco-friendly bedding materials, you can never go wrong with buckwheat pillows.

Buckwheat pillows use hulls as fillings, which are plant by-products. In short, these pillows don’t pose harm to the surroundings. In addition, a buckwheat pillow often comes with a cover that’s 100% cotton, which is also more eco-friendly than other pillow covers made from various synthetic fibers.

How To Buy A Buckwheat Pillow

The perfect buckwheat pillow will offer your desired comfort level and fit your budget. If you don’t know how to buy one, keep the following steps in mind:

  • Consider The Pillow’s Adjustable Loft

Buckwheat pillow’s adjustable loft is one of its primary features. Typically, it’s designed with a lined pouch for the buckwheat hulls and an outer cover that makes it easy to access the interior.

The customization level of the pillow’s loft enables you to sleep comfortably in different sleeping positions. For example, back sleepers often require less loft than side sleepers. Depending on your preferences, make sure to adjust the hulls accordingly.

  • Don’t Forget The Firmness Level

Buckwheat pillows may vary in terms of firmness. Nonetheless, most of these pillows range from firm to very firm. Several sleepers love how supportive and hard the pillows feel, while others find them excessively bulky and stiff. Exceptions include pillows filled with softer materials and buckwheat hulls that offer more cushioning.

  • Compare The Available Prices

Unlike most traditional pillows, a buckwheat pillow may cost a bit more. Look for the prices of your preferred size to ensure that it’s within your budget. You may also enjoy savings by selecting a smaller size.

To protect your investment, opt for a buckwheat pillow that comes with a trial period and a good warranty. This way, you can be sure that you’ll get your money back if you find buckwheat pillows uncomfortable after trying one.

  • Check The Quality Of The Materials

When shopping around for a buckwheat pillow, ensure that it’s made from quality materials. There are instances in which several brands use low-quality materials for a buckwheat pillow. If you don’t want to waste your time and money, check the quality of the materials that a brand uses before you finalize your purchase.

  • Read Online Reviews
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A buckwheat pillow is a common kind of pillow available in almost every bedding store nationwide. Although you can quickly find one online, it’s wise to read customer reviews to know whether or not your chosen buckwheat pillow is a great investment. If possible, read as many reviews as possible to gauge how consumers think about washing and maintaining the pillow

  • Consider Your Sleeping Position

When buying a buckwheat pillow, you have to consider your sleeping position. If you’re a side sleeper, you might want to opt for a thicker pillow. The pillow’s thickness level is also known as a loft.

If you’re a stomach or a back sleeper, you might want to use a thinner pillow to get good sleep. Fortunately, since a buckwheat pillow allows you to adjust its filling, you can easily adapt a pillow for varying sleeping positions.

  • Keep The Pillow Size In Mind

When it comes to buckwheat pillows, you have several options for the sizes, and these include:

  • King Size – It’s bigger than the standard buckwheat pillow, which is ideal for those who have bigger beds. It may also be used as a body pillow to be more comfortable when reading or watching television (TV);
  • Queen Size – It’s longer than the standard pillows and perfect for people who love extra space to spread out; and
  • Standard Size – It’s the most affordable size and ideal when traveling. It’s also compact and convenient for kids.

The original pillow size is referred to as Japanese size, which is a perfect option for travel or anywhere around your house. You may also opt for a buckwheat pillow with cylinder shapes that can be used with your traditional pillows or between the knees.  

  • Consider The Pillow’s Weight

Some people don’t like buckwheat pillows because they’re a little heavier than other pillows. Although a buckwheat pillow doesn’t weigh as heavy as dumbbells, other people find its weight a problem. So, if you’re going to purchase your first buckwheat pillow, you might want to check the pillow’s weight and choose what suits best for you.

  • Cover Material Matters

A buckwheat pillow typically comes with a cotton pillowcase, which is soft and breathable. 

Even so, some buckwheat pillows may use pillow covers made from bamboo. Yet the good thing about a bamboo pillow cover is that it’s hypoallergenic and moisture-wicking. It’s also an excellent alternative to cotton, but it can be challenging to maintain. 

As a piece of advice, make sure to consider the cover material of your preferred buckwheat pillow before you buy one.

Wrap Up

Many people often take pillows for granted. Anyhow, you should know that there’s a difference between a good and a bad pillow. So, if you want to enjoy a good night’s sleep comfortably, don’t hesitate to buy and use a buckwheat pillow – depending on the pillow shape that you’ll need

The abovementioned reasons will give you an idea of how beneficial buckwheat pillows are. Just make sure to select a buckwheat pillow carefully to enjoy its benefits.

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