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12 – O: An opportunity to celebrate diversity :: Prensa Ibérica para Correos

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We are in Galicia and in the sky the planes paint the colors of the Spanish flag with the smoke from their contrails. But it could be any day, in any place in our country. Cristina, a post office portfolio, faces a new working day. Before her, a motorcycle, kilometers of road and a representative human melting pot of present-day Spain.

In the new video released by Correos for commemorate the celebration of October 12Cristina comes across two endearing rural grandparents and a group of kids to whom everything seems very “random”. Also, there are children who play happily in the street and the neighbors and workers of different unions, origins, cultures and nationalities that fill our towns and cities with life. Red and yellow flags hang on the facades, but also those that proudly wear the colors of the rainbow.

Because Spain is like that, intercultural, intergenerational and diverse. And, precisely, from the balance and the meeting of all groups, the wealth and strength of modern societies arises. A society that is constantly advancing and changing.

A diverse company for a diverse society

Companies cannot be oblivious to this reality and to social vicissitudes. And in this matter, Correos has been and is an example. Its history begins in 1716, and since then, has not stopped innovating, evolving and adapting to the market and changes in society. Correos has been diversifying its activity for years to be able to offer an increasingly complete service, in accordance with the new times and the new needs of citizens.

Thus, what was born as a postal and parcel shipping operator is today the oldest and largest public company in Spain, with about 51,000 professionals, 2,370 offices and 7.5 million daily shipments. But its business model continues to grow and reorient itself to other areas. The strategy is to make the most of the tremendous installed capacity of the company, its material and human resources to put citizens in contact with quality products and services that facilitate their day to day and make their life more comfortable. And this, regardless of where you are. Because we cannot forget that one of the Post Office forces is your backbone role of the territory, reaching even the smallest and most unpopulated nuclei of “emptied Spain”.

Thanks to your renewed catalog of products and services and to its territorial capillarity, Correos has become a modern and efficient company, adapted to the new digital reality and the demands of that diverse Spain shown in the video of the new campaign.

Every morning when the postmen leave the delivery units, the doors of the Post Offices open, they enter their web, or click on the smartphone screen looking for the Post Office app, opens up a world of possibilities that have an impact on the quality of life of citizens and that a few years ago no one could imagine.

New services for the new times

We speak, for example, of power enter and withdraw cash. Through the Correos Cash service and thanks to the alliances signed by Correos, clients of Banco Santander, Evo Bank or Banco Mediolanum can already carry out this management in 2,370 offices and 2,282 rural service points. This service acquires special relevance in those rural areas where there are no bank branches, since it allows all people, regardless of where they reside, to access basic financial services.

Correos will install 1,500 ATMs in towns throughout Spain

In addition, to address this financial exclusion, Correos has also initiated the installation of ATMs, up to 1,500 throughout Spain, studying the location of ATMs in rural areas that do not have any bank office, but do have Post Office service points.

In some parts of Spain it is even possible to carry out these banking operations, as well as purchase postal products, pay utility bills or manage telephone services, without leaving home. And it is that rural wallets and postmen have become the best allies of the inhabitants of rural areas thanks to their portable devices -PDAs- with those who offer many of the services that until recently were only provided in offices or in the online store of the logistics company.

The reception of this initiative, which started in February, has been so good that the forecast is that before the end of the year it will be extended to 6,400 people who work in the rural distribution. The idea is continue accompanying citizens, save them time and travel, as they already do thanks to about 2,400 offices scattered throughout the geography.

Carry out banking operations, get tickets and tickets, make arrangements with the Administration … Post offices have been transformed into multi-service centers

These centers have little to do with those of decades ago. The concept of a window where letters and packages were collected and sent has evolved a lot and today we are faced with modern spaces that, by way of “One-stop shop” and technological and multi-service nucleus They offer the option of sending a burofax or telegram, helping to buy train tickets and tickets, contracting telecommunications or insurance services, and carrying out procedures with the Administration, both local and regional as well as state.

Technology and sustainability

The citizen is at the center of Correos’ strategy. And for this reason, among his last steps at the forefront, the launch of Post Market, a sales channel online for SMEs and the self-employed. Through this platform, Correos brings everyone what they need, leaving no one behind, and helps many local producers to overcome the difficulties of online marketing. In addition, it also gives them the space CorreosLabs, a meeting point and innovation to help startups to translate their ideas into the real world.

Correos will also soon add 400 new ones to its fleet electric motorcycles on renting long-term (60 months), whose delivery is scheduled for early December. Therefore, before the end of the year, the company will have a total of 1,300 electric motorcycles, which makes up one of the Largest fleets of electric and low-emission vehicles of the sector.


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