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12 Spanish universities among the 500 best in the world, one less than in 2020

The University of Barcelona is once again among the top 200 in the world for the sixth year, the only Spanish that achieves it, according to the Shanghai ranking from 2021, in which eleven other academic institutions in the country manage to position themselves among the 500 best valued higher education institutions.

Total, twelve centers in the country are among the 500 best placed, one less than in 2020.

El Academic Ranking of World Universities (ARWU), better known as the Shanghai ranking and the most recognized worldwide, It has been held since 2003 and is updated every year by Jiao Tong University. The campuses are ordered one by one up to the number one hundred and from there they do it by blocks.

Among the indicators that it uses to classify two thousand centers annually – although it only publishes the best thousand every August 15 – It includes the number of students and staff who win Nobel Prizes and Fields Medals (Mathematics), the number of articles published in scientific journals, and the impact of their research.

In 2021, Harvard University tops the world list for the 19th consecutive year, followed by Cambridge, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Berkeley, Princeton, Oxford, Columbia, Caltech and Chicago.

Within Europe, the University of Paris-Saclay comes first and the second place is for the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology.

In Spain, only the University of Barcelona is in the range of the 151-200 best institutions of higher learning in the world.

In the range included between positions 201-300, the “ranking” places the Autonomous University of Barcelona, ​​the Complutense of Madrid and the University of Granada. In 2020 it also included the University of Valencia, but in this latest edition it falls to the next range of the 301-400 best centers.

Along with that of Valencia share the same status the Autónoma de Madrid, the Polytechnic of Valencia and the University of the Basque Country and, unlike last year, Pompeu Fabra descends through the ranks.

This way, the Catalan center moves to occupy a position among the 401-500 best in the world, a classification that it shares with the universities of Salamanca (which rises from the 701-800 range of last year), Santiago and Seville (which remain the same), and from here those of Oviedo disappear (now between 701-800 better) and Zaragoza (now between 501-600).

The following academic institutions accompany Zaragoza in this block: the Polytechnic of Madrid, the University of Navarra, the University of Vigo and the Rovira and Virgili (Tarragona).

The Spanish classification is completed by another 22 higher education centers, in positions ranging from 601 to 1,000.

University of Barcelona 151-200

Autonomous of Barcelona 201-300

Comoplutense de Madrid 201-300

University of Granada 201-300

Autónoma de Madrd 301-400

Polytechnic of Valencia 301-400

University of the Basque Country 301-400

University of Valencia 301-400

Pompeu Fabra 401-500

University of Salamanca 401-500

University of S. de Compostela 401-500

University of Seville 401-500

Polytechnic of Madrid 501-600

University of Navarra 501-600

University of Vigo 501-600

University of Zaragoza 501-600

Rovira i Virgili 501-600

Jaume I 601-700

University of Alicante 601-700

University of Extremadura 601-700

Universidad Illes Balears 601-700

Polytechnic of Catalonia 701-800

University of Lleida 701-800

University of C.-La Mancha 701-800

University of Jaén 701-800

University of La Laguna 701-800

University of Malaga 701-800

University of Murcia 701-800

University of Oviedo 701-800

Las Palmas de GC University 801-900

Pablo de Olavide 801-900

Alcala de Henares 801-900

University of Córdoba 801-900

University of Girona 801-900

Carlos III of Madrid 901-1,000

King Juan Carlos of Madrid 901-1,000

University of Almeria 901-1,000

University of Cantabria 901-1,000

University of Valladolid 901-1,000

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