Friday, September 30

12 technology and entertainment news to start the morning informed of the latest

This is the summary of current technology from Every working day at 7:00 in the morning, to update you on everything that has happened in the last 24 hours.

Yesterday was a holiday throughout Spain and, despite this, the news continued to reach the magazine because news never rests, no matter how long some people had.

News about Apple, Samsung, Steam, Tesla or Windows had a place to be published in ComputerHoy, each one more interesting.

And now, without further delay, let’s go with the news that have occurred in the last 24 hours ordered by themeso that we don’t mess around.

technological news

Many will remember when the computer industry announced the launch of DDR3 RAM. It came to double the speeds of the moment and drastically improve the performance of computers. 15 years have passed of those 1,600 MHz and it is time to say goodbye. Read the news.

We all know that in the smartwatch market, Apple is ahead when it comes to sensors and measurements. They were the first to launch into this business and that effort continues to be felt over the years. Now there is research that ensures that it can do more things than we thought. Read the news.

Apple’s new laptop, the MacBook Airwill be all the rage for various reasons, but above all because has already started to drop in price. Here it is cheaper than ever. Read the news.

Nearby Windows 11 is unknown to many users, unfortunately, since we are talking about an exchange functionality between devices with this operating system that is extremely interesting and very useful. Read the news.

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There are many people who are encouraged to change their mobile in summer. Among the options we have dozens of brands and hundreds of models. For all those who want to choose between the Apple catalog, there are reasons to wait a few weeks before shelling out the money… according to experts. Read the news.

It is clear that the sound quality of mobile phones is getting better and better, but there are times when we would change some parameter to achieve a sound that is closer to our taste. Well, we are going to tell you how to equalize your smartphone. Read the walkthrough.

It is the automobile company with the highest valuation on the stock market, but that does not mean that it is the one that manufactures the most and best. Tesla has just announced that they have manufactured about 3 million vehicles since its foundation, is that a big number? Read the news.

There may be programs that appear on the screen at the time the computer starts up and we have to minimize them. It can be somewhat heavy, especially if we have many to perform that task. Read the walkthrough.

News from the world of entertainment and video games

We are a few days away from being able to see the first chapter of She-Hulk: Lawyer Hulka. This is Marvel’s summer series for the Disney+ subscription service and expectations are very high, as happens with all the premieres that carry the UCM seal. Read the news.

If you are a Pokémon fan, we have compiled a series of applications that will improve your experience and, in addition, they will manage to entertain you for many hours. Read the list.

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100 million years ago a species of dinosaur called Jakapil kaniukura inhabited South America. Its discoverers assure that it was a huge armored biped capable of resisting any attack. Read the news.

We have compiled the 7 most interesting games launched in the last year for your Android mobile so you can find your favorite easily and quickly. Read the list.

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