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14 tips from a pilot to survive in a plane crash

The images of a passenger aircraft in the middle of the flames are usually very shocking, of course. Being prepared for such an emergency is the best way to take care of yourself, so a passenger plane pilot shared his tips for surviving a plane crash.

Although not common, plane crashes are usually tragedies, but there is a high percentage of survival if the necessary measures to safeguard life are known. Just last week, a plane burst into flames outside of Houston, Texas, bound for Boston, and more than 20 people on board along with the crew were able to safely leave the aircraft, while only two required medical attention.

Captain Dave Inch, pilot of a Boeing 737, wrote some tips to survive a plane crash and stay safe on the platform Quora.

Tips from a pilot

  1. Take out everything the sharpness of your pockets.

2. Loosen your belt and remove your tie or scarf, if you wear one.

3. Take off your high-heeled shoes.

4. Take off your glasses when landing so they don’t fly away so they can help you see the way out.

5. Look where your nearest emergency exit is. Remember that some exits cannot be used for water landings.

6. Count the number of rows to those exits and try to identify the bumps that you could use to find them if the cabin is full of smoke.

7. Stay in your seat until instructed to do so.

8. Do not open an emergency exit if you do not receive direct instructions of a flight attendant.

9. Have a cloth handy, damp if possible, so you can breathe if there is smoke. And if there is smoke, keep as low as possible.

10. Don’t waste time recording videos, better listen and pay attention to the instructions of the flight attendants.

11. If you fall into the water, DO NOT inflate your life jacket until you are actually at the entrance. If you inflate it and the aircraft fills with water, you will be trapped in the ceiling and will not be able to swim to the exit. If this happens, take off your swim vest and hold on to someone else once you get out.

12. Once out of the plane, stay away in a different direction than the wind so that smoke and fire move away from you.

13. Don’t lie down in tall grass or leave the area entirely so rescue teams can find you easily.

14. Always follow the instructions of the flight attendants and do not take anything with you.

Captain Inch also emphasizes in paying attention to the instructions that the flight attendants explain at the beginning of any trip, as it contains very valuable information in case of an emergency.

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