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15 Video Game Broadcasts Your Teens Should Watch | Games

IIf you are in a household with teenage video game players, you will know the sound of Twitch streamers and YouTubers. Right now, my sons seem to live on a constant diet in the midst of wildly enthusiastic young men, playing the same games, in the same way, using the same jargon. During the lockdown, I heard the words “What’s wrong?” and “like and subscribe” enough times to last me to death from the heat of the universe.

Last weekend my wife came out of my youngest son’s bedroom and said through clenched teeth, “Is there no one else to look at?” And it’s true, from the outside, game streaming can seem like a monoculture, dominated by guys sponsored by energy drinks. Here are some other YouTube streamers and video creators to include in your home gaming media mix.

When I asked about my favorite Minecraft streamers on Twitter, FalseSymmetry was the name that came up the most. Mainly relying on the Hermitcraft server with other enthusiastic Minecraft architects, it has a very friendly and approachable presentation style, its builds are interesting, and it is totally familiar. Other recommended Minecraft streamers include LDShadowLady, Pearly Moon and scottish player Emzberri.

A veteran gamer and sci-fi fanatic, DeejayKnight has a laid-back and personable style, snaking through entertaining and interesting lines of thought while playing games like Hitman and No Man’s Sky. It has also fostered a genuinely positive and caring community.

Jay-Ann Lopez, founder of BlackGirlGamers
Jay-Ann Lopez, founder of BlackGirlGamers Photography: Jay-Ann Lopez

Black Girls Players
Founded by Jay-Ann Lopez in 2015, Black Girl Gamers is a community for Black female gamers, hosting gaming events regularly and advocating for inclusion in gaming spaces and the gaming industry. He also promotes a variety of brilliant streamers through his Twitch channel, so it’s worth checking out and finding new talent. See also NNESAGA.

Along with Pokimane, xChocoBars, and Loserfruit, Swedish streamer Loeya is one of Fortnite’s female stars. She is on Twitch almost every day and her style of play is extremely visible. He interacts a lot with the spectators and explains his tactics clearly, so you learn a lot about the game. Also, I started watching Londoner GWENLDN which streams a lot of Fortnite and makes the game feel fresh again.

Lisa is a professional footballer who played for AFC Wimbledon and Fulham before being sidelined with a serious knee injury. He now plays for the Fifa esports team created by Leicester City defender Christian Fuchs, and has talked about sexism in professional games.

Well-known esports host Frankie Ward is also a regular Twitch streamer, focusing on Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, but also veering off to Dota 2. He brings professionalism and superlative insights to his broadcasts. Charleyy is another excellent event host who also broadcasts.

Tianna mercedes
YouTube streamer Tianna is another name that came up multiple times when I asked for recommendations on Twitter. A huge Call of Duty fan, who primarily plays Warzone at the moment, has a laid-back, almost laconic style while away from gunfights, which makes a welcome change. I also like Talkative, Braderz, C9EmZ, Alishakins (who does the absolute better Warzone TikToks!) And CasCandy for its excellent CoD content. These are all for older teens only and cautious parents should look first before sharing links.

Incredibly prolific YouTube video creator EnglishSimmer plays and talks about all the current Sims 4 add-ons, as well as venturing into previous titles in the series. Its presentation style is familiar and inclusive, and it really delves into what makes the Sims titles so compelling. I also recommend Clare Siobhán , Xmiramira Y Ebonix for great Sims content.

I always try to get my kids to watch Eurogamer’s polished, witty and knowledgeable video content and now they totally agree. From fun list features to insightful plays, all beautifully written and presented, this is the closest thing to streaming games to old-school TV-quality professionalism. See also, Yogscast, another well-established collective of UK-based streamers and podcasts.

Broadcasting four hours a day, five days a week, Leah brings rhythm, humor, and excitement to her sci-fi shooter games like Valorant, Destiny, and Outriders. He is currently playing Halo 2 for a long time, which will be a valuable education in classic shooter mechanics for Gen Z kids.

The creative Blerd
Creative Blerd brings a sense of joy and excitement so authentic and focused on the games it presents, be it Hitman, Cyberpunk 2077 or Yakuza: Like a Dragon. His long game of Heavy Rain, as someone who comes across quick-time event controls for the first time, is also really interesting.

Diverse team… Rainbow Arcade.
Diverse team… Rainbow Arcade. Photography: Rainbow Arcade

Rainbow Arcade
This is a large and diverse collective of LGBTQ + streamers and video creators, emphasizing community safety, empowerment, and positivity. A huge variety of games and styles are represented and the well-designed website makes it really easy to dive in and find new streamers. As for specific LBGT transmitters, try Rainbow Arcade co-founder Justin nickhomosexual couple ZoeyProasheck or Biggus bennus, an English teacher who lives in Cardiff and streams relaxing games like Minecraft and Story of Seasons.

Denny streams a lot of games I’m not good at (Dark Souls, Bloodborne, Mortal Kombat 11), but he draws you into the experience and offers a calm and friendly presentation if your teens are stepping into darker, more challenging titles.

Driven to fame by a memorable meme and recently celebrated by her takedown of a sexist commentator, Negaoryx is such an entertaining and emotional streamer that she truly lives every second of the games she plays, be it The Last of Us, The Witcher, or today’s favorite co-op horror thriller Dead By Daylight.

Maia (or mxmtoon as she’s known online), a successful singer-songwriter and Twitch streamer, plays a variety of games like Valorant and Little Nightmares and often performs her songs as she goes. She is a very fun and thoughtful host, and was recently a part of the Twitch event. ‘An open dialogue on violence against the AAPI Community’.

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