Tuesday, January 19

16 towns in the province suspend classes today due to the snow

The suspension of classes in schools and institutes as a result of the storm is extended today to 16 towns in the province of Alicante and affects more than 17,000 students, according to the latest data provided by Education since they have been transferred in advance from the respective municipalities.

The municipalities that do not open schools today are Banyeres de Mariola, Camp de Mirra, Confrides, l’Orxa and Torre de les Maçanes, which are added to those that also maintain the closure since yesterday in Beneixama, Biar, Alfafara, Beniarrés, Ibi, Muro de Alcoi, Salinas, Onil , Castalla, Sax and Villena.

Apart from this forced absence from classes, in the rest of the schools and institutes Approximately one in three students missed class yesterday, and it is foreseeable that they also continue to be absent today, according to the consultation carried out by this newspaper in schools and institutes throughout the province.


The cold and snow storm in the province of Alicante, in images

The obligation to keep windows open in the classrooms to avoid the contagion of covid, it throws back many families with children, mainly Infant, who have emptied the classrooms of the smallest students by half.

In the case of secondary school students, the absences are attributed more by the directors consulted to the fact that it is a very short school week, with just two days of class, which also together with the cold storm has contributed to hanging the backpack until next Monday among high school and vocational training students. “It is what is expected among the older students with this type of weeks of a few days,” they indicated.

But for the most part, it has been the cold wave that has caused the displacement of students by showing the problems of combining heating with classroom ventilation as a result of the pandemic.

In some centers the management anticipated the opening of the classrooms to try to warm them up in advance after fifteen days closed, and where they did not recognize that the frigid atmosphere was “unbearable”, although they were clear that health and avoiding infections comes first.

According to estimates from the majority education union, STEPV, classroom thermometers “in a few cases have exceeded a temperature of 10ºC, which is incompatible with keeping classrooms warm and at the right temperature for teaching,” these delegates specify.

They add that the legislation establishes that the temperature in the workplace should not be below 17ºC, according to the minimum health and safety provisions “and in some centers the heating has not worked, which has further aggravated the situation. In other centers, many families have not brought their children to school or, in the case of students of legal age, have not attended classes and have asked the center to activate online education, “they add. and as this newspaper verified.


As from CC OO, in STEPV they regret that the Hepa filters that the Ministry announced that they would be sent to educational centers to improve the ventilation of the classrooms “they have not yet arrived.”

Asked about this, from Education they advance that today these purifiers will begin to be distributed in the spaces enabled as classrooms and that do not have adequate natural ventilation.

Specifically, they explain that “the Ministry of Health has received the first 1,000 purifiers with Hepa filters, of the 8,000 that it has acquired to distribute in the educational centers of the Community. We are the first autonomy that we are acquiring purifiers so that they can be used in classrooms that do not have optimal ventilation, and at times when the weather requires it.

Its distribution “begins on January 8 in towns in the interior of our territory. We are coordinated to distribute them as Health receives them until reaching 8,000 devices “, they abound from Education.

However, the educational authorities recall that natural ventilation is the most effective measure, which are adopted throughout Europe and that it is a matter of ventilating every 25/30 minutes for about 3/5 minutes, “it is not necessary to have the windows open all day”.

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