Thursday, September 21

160 arrested, 75 guns seized

PANAMA CITY BEACH — On the heels of a dramatic surge in crime in Panama City Beach during the weekend, Bay County law enforcement officials say they stand united against criminals who visit the area. 

In a press conference Monday at the Beach Police Department, local officials announced they confiscated 75 illegal guns and arrested more than 160 people during the weekend. 

Multiple police agencies converged on an area around Front Beach Road in Panama City Beach following spring break disturbances and a shooting Sunday afternoon.

Beach Police Chief J.R. Talamantez, who stood at the conference with other law enforcement leaders behind an assortment of seized weapons that ranged from pistols to shotguns to semi-automatic rifles, said the criminals “will soon find out what justice looks like in Bay County.”

“Right here, today, we stand united as not only law enforcement officials, not only as city leadership or county leadership, but just as citizens of Bay County,” Talamantez said. “What we saw this past weekend is absolutely unacceptable, period. These pathetic cowards who came and committed these crimes — their actions will not be tolerated.”

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