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19 members of a network detained with 23,000 doses of ‘laughing gas’ in an operation carried out between Melilla and Malaga

Those arrested belonged to an organization dedicated to drug trafficking.

Those arrested belonged to an organization dedicated to drug trafficking.
Civil Guard

The Civil Guard, in collaboration with the Melilla Local Police, has arrested 19 people, and is investigating two others, who belonged to an organization dedicated to the drug trafficking and the sale and distribution of nitrous oxide capsules, known as “laughing gas”, of which 23,040 capsules have taken part.

It is about the apprehension of nitrous oxide more bulky of Melilla and one of the most important in Spain, as reported by the Civil Guard in a press release, which has carried out four searches in the city and has seized 20 kilograms of hashish, mobile phones and documentation of interest to the investigation.

In a press release, the armed institute reported that the ‘Cuadrilla’ operation, which has developed between Melilla and Malaga, began last April when it was detected at the Melilla airport that very young women were carrying drugs attached to their bodies under the clothes they were wearing.

The agents noted an increase in the arrival of nitrous oxide capsules to the city, covered by commercial items declared as “units of siphon loaders for cream”, a legal product used in the hospitality sector as a foaming agent to make whipped cream or other types pressure cream in confectionery.

In addition, The researchers verified that the plot illegally diverted these capsules for human consumption in entertainment venues and “bottles” with large concentrations of young people on public roads., where this substance was consumed by inhaling the gas extracted from its interior through dispensers and “balloons”, a method known as “cracker”.

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For its distribution and sale, the plot preferably used a leisure place in Melilla La Vieja, and also in bottles in places such as the Rostrogordo esplanade, Pista de Carros, the vicinity of La Residencia de Mayores or La Hípica.

The benefits they obtained were substantial, since the legal capsules can be purchased for about 50 cents per unit and sold for between 3 and 4 euros each.

The leader of the organization, a resident of Melilla, diversified his criminal business and dedicated part of the plot to traffic, mainly through the airport, using very young, vulnerable people at risk of social exclusion as “human mules”.

They captured them in different neighborhoods of the city and offered them for the “pass” between 400 and 1,000 euros, depending on the amount of drugs they were carrying, under the clothes they were wearing.

During the operation, the Civil Guard arrested six women and three men carrying drugs, aged between 17 and 22 years, in addition to three other women who acted as “captors” of this vulnerable group.

The operation has been directed and supervised by the Instruction Court number 3 of Melilla and the investigation has been carried out by the Organic Unit of Judicial Police (UOPJ) of the Civil Guard Command of Melilla, with the collaboration of the Local Police of the Autonomous City and of the Fiscal Company of the Command.

According to the armed institute, Nitrous oxide is a volatile substance that, diverted for that harmful consumption, constitutes a drug of abuse that produces euphoric effects, which has made it popularly known as “laughing gas” or “laughing gas”, and can lead to suffocation, hallucinations or spinal cord problems.

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