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2020 closes with 755,613 workers in ERTE

ViewOff an empty terrace in Segovia.

ViewOff an empty terrace in Segovia.

The year 2020 has closed with 755,613 workers in the Temporary Employment Regulation File (Erie), the most derived from the pandemic, since in December the numberOff Erie notifications increased by 8,033 people compared to those received in November.

According to data from the MinistryOff Inclusion, Social Security and Migration released this Tuesday at the endOff the year there has been a stabilizationOff the numberOff workers in Erie after the last extension that came into effectOfn October 1.

Although at the endOff November and taking into account the registration data there has been a decreaseOff 95,607 people in Erie, however when comparing with the numberOff people who were notified by Erie there is an increaseOff 8,033 workers compared to the previous month.

The Ministry explains that this variation is due to the fact that the Erie application dates and its effects may be different since a company can communicate the ErieOff its workforce, for exampleOfn December 10, when it already has effect from the 20thOff November.

This data disparity suggests that Eries are notified later than the registrationOff the withdrawal.

The Erie derived from the pandemic and that entail exoneration to Social Security have represented 61%Off the total and while 62,197 people finished the year protected by the so-called disability Erie, 171,562 remained in limitation Erie asOff December 31.

The numberOff workers due to disability Erie was reduced in December by more than 30,000 people due to the endOff the administrative restriction measures in some autonomous communities.

In the caseOff limitation Erie, there was a decreaseOff 17,000 workers compared to November 30.

On theOfther hand, the year closed with 175,555 workers under the figureOff Eries for ultra-protected sectors, which were launchedOfn September 30.

In this case, they are 10,000 less than at the endOff the previous month.

Eries without exoneration to Social Security for economic, technical,Ofrganizational and production reasons (Top) reached 295,914 people, which represents a reductionOff about 36,000 people compared to the endOff the previous month.

In absolute terms, the hospitality industry (food and beverage services) concentrates practicallyOfne in three people receiving Erie at the endOff 2020, with 241,390 people, 30%Off the membersOff the General Regime in this sector.

Of the 755,613 workers in Erie in 2020, the two Canarian provinces are theOfnes with the highest percentageOff affiliates under some formOff Erie.

Las Palmas closed the year 2020 with 45,100 protected people, 13%Off its affiliates, while Santa Cruz de Tenerife was the second, with 34,106 protected people, 11%Off its total affiliates.

The Balearic Islands closed last year with 30,986 workers at Erie.

At theOfpposite extreme were Castellón, Badajoz and Guadalajara, where the percentageOff affiliates protected by some formOff Erie ended the year 2020 below 2%.

In quarterly terms, the fourth quarterOff 2020 added 774,182 people to Erie compared to 818,606 in the third quarter, which represents a reductionOff more than 5%, the Ministry highlights “despite the fact that the second waveOff the pandemic has forced Approve important administrative restrictions in muchOff Spain

It also adds that compared to the most acute momentOff the crisis (at the endOff April), the numberOff people in Erie has decreased by 2.86 million people, which means that at the endOff 2020 the number had decreased by 79%.Off people in Erie.

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