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2020 in ten video games and two consoles

Hundreds of video games, a new generation of consoles and many surprises: the pandemic has turned 2020 into one of the years that most video games have been consumed but also in a year of delays, cancellations and unexpected surprises.

2020 was the year of the new consoles. PlayStation and Xbox were preparing for a new fight for supremacy and the devices arrived, but the pandemic has turned distribution into a nightmare and its premiere has been somewhat lackluster.

The new models, Ps5 – with a digital version, and the Xbox Series X and S, appeared in November. but its purchase has been slow and exasperating for the players. The difficulties in obtaining them have in fact created a profitable second-hand market with astronomical figures heading into Christmas.

But 2020 has not been only consoles. Thousands of games have seen the light and the pandemic has gotten more at stake than ever. In March, ‘Steam’ broke its player record with 20 million players at once.

This has not been the only milestone of the year, we review 2020 through ten video games that show how the year has been in the sector, and above all, how the pandemic has impacted.

‘Animal Crossing New Horizons’ and its success

Launched in full confinement, Nintendo’s video game became one of the best releases ever. By August it had sold more than 22 million copies, and the company tripled its profits from the previous year. The title seemed designed to escape from confinement: a relaxing social simulation game in which the player moves to a paradise island, and where they can create their home and socialize.

The surprise of ‘Among Us’

The videogame it has been the surprise of the year and you will hear more and more about him. Although it has been available since 2018, the pandemic has helped it find its audience. The game it’s simple and has followers like the media senator Alexandria Ocasio Ortez (AOC), the youtuber Ibai Llanos or Pau Gasol.

The action takes place in a ship, the players must supervise its maintenance and find an impostor among them. The game is available for mobile and PC, recently arrived on Switch, and is expected in 2021 to reach Xbox One and Xbox Series X / S.

‘Cyberpunk 2077’ crashes

If there was an award for the worst premiere of the year, it would be for the title of CD Projekt Red. After eight years of development and with eight million copies reserved for its premiere, one of the biggest ‘hypes’ of the decade came with poor quality and PlayStation removed it from its store on December 18.

The project of the creators of ‘The Witcher’ was one of the most anticipated of the year and suffered numerous delays, which the study attributed to the pandemic, with all its workers from home.

The delay of ‘Halo Infinite’

The new installment of the mythical saga of Microsoft It was one of the most anticipated of 2020 and everything indicated that it was going to be the great exclusive of its new console, Xbox Series X, but the first images of the game unveiled by the studio were so bad that gamers complained and its release was delayed to fall 2021. The move must have been a difficult decision for the company, since left the launch of the new console somewhat orphaned.

‘The last of us II’

This great game the best title of the year according to The Game Awards, has managed to take advantage of all the possibilities of the last generation of consoles, for its narrative capacity and impeccable development. The saga has a serial project for HBO underway and in which PlayStation participates, a marriage of convenience that seems to follow many projects in the future.

‘Hades’, the indie that fought with the greats

Rarely does an independent title end up competing in the shortlist for best game of the year alongside great titles, but this has been the case with this video game. It has been one of the great surprises of the year for critics and audiences, and he is not without reason. Unlike other games, death is a fundamental component of the title set in Greek mythology.

‘Ghost of Tsushima’, otra sorpresa

This game was introduced this year as the little brother of the great Ps4 exclusive games, but over time has gained strength among the players and a special and beautiful project has been discovered, full of small details. The wind and the landscape are another character in the game.

‘Final Fantasy VII Remake’

2020 has been full of remakes, but few have come as a surprise like this classic Japanese role-playing game. The project has an impressive cinematographic aesthetic and an impressive realism that has captivated critics and has managed not to disappoint the public. The key has been to strike a balance between revamping the graphics and staying true to one of the most beloved games of all time.

‘Half-Life: Alyx’, good virtual reality

The promises of virtual reality do not quite live up to expectations, but this game could be the first that crystallizes all the advances and shows how far a genre can go that still seeks its own language. The title is quite an experience, it can only be played on PC and with virtual reality glasses, so it is difficult for it to reach a majority audience.

‘Demon’s Souls Remake’, a window to the new generation

It is one of the first games designed exclusively for the new generation of consoles (Ps5) and as such it exploits many of the new 4K, HDR and 60 fps graphics features; and most importantly, almost zero load times. An experience that brings the player closer to what video games will be in the coming years.

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