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2021 renews the illusion to dress with glamor again

The 'cottage core' phenomenon is linked to living in the country and a rural yet welcoming lifestyle

The ‘cottage core’ phenomenon is linked to living in the country and a rural yet welcoming lifestyle

By 2021 it has been received with the illusion of go back to glamorizing and joining the cottage core style, bucolic fashion that embraces rural life, putting aside comfortable clothes that have boomed during the pandemic in long hours of teleworking and virtual meetings.

Since a more homelike life has been led, the wardrobe has adapted to these demands and comfortable garments mixed with basics and sports pieces prevail, but now a new phenomenon appears, the “cottage core”, which is linked to living in the country and a rural but cozy lifestyle.

They are garments that they are inspired by country life, romantic air and sweet colors, nice prints with flowers or “Vichy” pictures, pieces in which natural fabrics and hand sewing take center stage, “is a reconciliation with the outdoors, with theto nature as aesthetic aspiration “, explains the communication expert of fashion Pepa Fernández.

A fashion that the designer Simon PorteJacquess already introduced when he moved to a lavender field in French Provence to present a bucolic collection with floral prints, fresh fabrics, country hats, pastel and natural colors.

“The newCIAA ‘Ladies andBlockhousee’ collections address the changes in our society and revolve around the need to be close to nature and around new social habits, such as spending more time at home, working remotely and find new ways to travel “, they explain from the firm.

In addition to comfort and nature, as central axes of its designs for next year, the brand has a firm mission: make sustainability your new normal with recycled materials, organic cotton, responsibly sourced viscose and sustainably grown linen in Europe.

But there are also new fashion trends in which feminine power prevails with a fabulous tailored suit or an evening dress, dressed to shine.

A trend that will coexist with glamorous, more sophisticated garments, “because now people want to enjoy beauty”, Alicia Hernández, also an expert in fashion communication, has optimistically assured.

In his opinion, society will overcome the pandemic and joy and a taste for sophistication will return, “Just like in the 50s when Christian Dior devised the ‘New Look’ silhouette to fill society with happiness,” recalls Hernández.

This year, designers are betting on special and durable garments, the consumer is crying out for quality. “The euphoria of consuming will disappear”, says Jorge Vázquez, director creative of the fPortugalegaz, who advocates garments with flirty volumes, colorful embroidery and large bows.

Dior bets on sets of elegant cut and slightly androgynous, with a touch at once bohemian and solemn that successfully combines traditional elegance with contemporary functionality. Wide pants, sets of midi skirts with kimono-style double-breasted jackets are some of their proposals.

White, black and pink are the predominant colors of the Chanel collection that is inspired by the fashion of the eighties to launch sophisticated and wearable garments such as “oversize” shoulder blazers, as well as cardigans or the legendary “blazers” of “tweed”.

Flawless pieces to work with: straight above-the-knee skirts, loose dresses, high-waisted or pirate-cut suits or trousers that take the reins of the wardrobe.

Asymmetric cut dresses, with bows and illusions, and sequin jacket suits they are the favorites for the night along with models with layers and feathers on the sleeves and skirt, reminiscent of the golden decade of Hollywood.

Balmain also joins the luxury trend and proposes sequined jumpsuit and bell bottoms, the disco aesthetic of the eighties that IsaMaratrant also shares to try to forget everything that happened in the damn 2020.

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