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2021: the year women’s sport rebelled

2021 has been the year in which the most equal Olympics in history were held. Simone Biles pointed to the system as a party responsible for having allowed the sexual abuse of Larry Nassar. The Norwegian beach handball team rebelled against the bikini and Ona Carbonell, along with other athletes, recounted the difficulties they have to reconcile breastfeeding with elite sport.

“All these statements bring out the problems that exist out of the darkness,” he says. the journalist and voice of women’s sports River dove. The Tokyo Games, explains, they have not been the easiest scenario to make motherhood compatible due to the pandemic. And not to reach that 50-50 percentage that the IOC wanted, which it hopes will be achieved in Paris 2024.

“Every year that passes there is a breakthrough. The fact that there is no going back is already interesting, as is the fact that the laws that regulate women’s football or the draft laws that address maternity are put on the table, ”says Paloma del Río.

On the latter, remember that in Spain this year work has been done on the ‘anti-pregnancy clauses’ and that there are already regulations in countries that deal with it. That they talk about it, he sees it as progress.

Adriana Cerezo, achieved the silver medal of the Tokyo Olympic Games. EFE

“I hope that a woman who competes in any part of the world and sports, due to having a baby, does not see her career cut short, but quite the opposite: that at the end of the pregnancy, childbirth or breastfeeding period she rejoins without conditions, reprisals or withdrawal of salary or sponsorships. Upside down. It is a circumstance that the sponsors could take advantage of to get performance and economic benefit, “he says.

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Clothing changes

The Norwegian beach handball team starred in another of the news of the year by refusing to play in a bikini. Singer Pink paid his fine. Patricia Encinas, an international of the national team of this sport, explains that the issue comes from years ago, but it helped to “explode again the controversy of why women had to go that way, not as we wanted”.

It served for the International Federation to choose to change the regulations on clothing. Encinas has not seen the new one yet. “If we are going to be tight, it would be practically the same but without your navel showing,” he says. In Spain they can compete as they want as long as the whole team dress the same, something that they see as very positive.

Del Río recalls that “the differences in clothing [entre jugadores y jugadoras] it is specified in its own regulations ”. “It seems tremendous to me that the fact that they themselves are promoting a show so that people go, to see bodies and meat instead of sports, is not taken into account,” he says.

Stop sexual abuse

2021 was also the year in which Simone Biles and other companions explained to the world the abuses they suffered by Larry Nassar while committees and federations looked the other way. This led to a cascading effect of complaints in other parts of the world. “I am very sorry that these gymnasts have had to go through that ordeal, but over time they will realize the favor they have done to many other gymnasts,” the journalist emphasizes.

Simone Biles, in a picture at the Olympics. Mike Blake

In Spain, Higher Sports Council (CSD) has created anti-abuse protocols for the protection of women and, above all, minors. They are mandatory for federations.

Soccer professionalization

Here, in addition to celebrating Olympic medals such as the gold of Sandra Sanchez in karate, the silver of Adriana Cerezo in Taekwondo or that of ‘the eternal’ Maialen Chourraut in whitewater, soccer took a big step forward.

The Barça player, Alexia Putellas, was awarded the Golden Ball as the best soccer player in the world for France Football magazine. EFE

“We are experiencing an explosion. The level of media attention has grown a lot this year, “he says. Jose Manuel Franco, President of the Higher Sports Council (CSD.) They point out that they have contributed with the announcement of the professionalization of June 15 to keep this going, “but the credit goes to the players themselves, who have immense talent, as evidenced by the Ballon d’Or of Alexia putellas”.

The president of the CSD explains that right now they are seeking an agreement from all the clubs to sign a single statute of what will be the future professional league. “We continue at it. It is evident that we are betting very hard so that the problems of men’s football do not infect women. It has to be born clean and born well. It is what we want for our players ”, he assures Franco, which predicts that “2022 will be even much more important for women’s sport.”

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