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21 Royal: the extravagant $ 15,000 dinner served at Disneyland

This dinner takes place in the Disneyland area that is designed with a New Orleans theme.

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At Disneyland, all the services and attractions are usually the most extravagant. And it has unique food, drinks, games and entertainment services that children and adults can enjoy, regardless of their budget.

However, if you happen to have a good amount of money to splurge without a problem, there are some experiences in this park that can be much more impressive.

Among the most exclusive services is a private tour with front row tickets to the Disney parade. You can also stay at Cinderella’s castle, or enter the exclusive and secret Club 33, which is only for members.

Among these VIP experiences is the 21 Royal dinner, which is an extravagant seven-course service hosted in a luxurious residence designed by Walt and his wife Lilian Disney. Dinner costs $ 15,000 and is served to a group of 12 people, according to their website.

This dinner takes place in the Disneyland area that is designed with a New Orleans theme, right at the top of the Pirates of the Caribbean ride.

Dinner guests are guided through secret tunnels and stairs, which no one else can pass.

This residence was made by the Disney couple to be a private area where they could invite important people. If you can afford the $ 15,000 it costs, dinner will last five hours where you will enjoy high-class hospitality.

Private valets will take you to the residence overnight, followed by professional butlers once you arrive.

Here you will be given a tour of the 2,200 square foot residence while serving you cocktails. The residence has all kinds of Disney characters hidden in its decorations.

Along with the cocktails, you will also be served duck and tuna spring rolls served on dry ice.

Then, guests are guided to a dining room for a dinner prepared by Andrew Sutton, the executive chef of Disneyland’s Napa Rose, and all food is served on gold plated dinnerware.

Dinner is prepared with the best ingredients brought from around the world. And while the menu changes often, past dinners have included delicacies like king crab and caviar, seafood chowder with sea urchin foam, and A5 wagyu beef. Each dish is paired with the best wines, as recommended by the Disney sommelier.

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