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22 degrees is the temperature of happiness? Does spring make us kinder?

22 degrees is the temperature of happiness?  Does spring make us kinder?

22 degrees is the temperature of happiness? Does spring make us kinder?

Today, Saturday, March 20 at 10:37 in the morning – peninsular time – the equinox has occurred. That is to say, spring has officially started, season that will last until June 21.

With the arrival of spring, the winter cold will be left behind. In this new season, temperatures will rise and with the time change scheduled for next week, the hours of sunshine will increase of each journey. Something that our personality will appreciate, according to science.

A study transnational states that our way of being is determined 40% by genes and 60% by the environment and our experiences. So, When the ambient temperature is pleasant, we want to go outside and socialize more, something that helps us to be happier.

This research focuses on the importance of the climate and its influence on our way of being. His theses indicate that, if we live in an ambient temperature close to 22 degrees Celsius, we will probably be happier than if we did it in colder environments.

“Because humans constantly experiment and react to ambient temperature, we propose that temperature is a crucial environmental factor which is associated with the habitual behavior patterns of individuals and, therefore, with fundamental dimensions of our personality ”, reads the study published in the journal Nature Human Behaviour.

Why is this happening?

Why is this happening? The good time that begins to occur in the spring season encourages certain factors of our personality such as kindness, emotional stability, extroversion and open-mindedness to new experiences. All these qualities they help us to be happier.

The warmest environments encourage people to leave their homes, and that will entail a more likely to meet new people. This encourages the development of a more agreeable and socially acceptable personality. In addition, warmer environments make people feel more positive, according to this psychological study.

In this line, apart from the station in which we are, the place where we live and its corresponding climate can become decisive for our way of being. Although they are not the only factors that come into play.

“We know that personality traits vary according to geographic regions,” says the Professor Samuel Gosling, researcher at the University of Melbourne and author of this study. “We also know that these geographic personality traits are associated with a wide range of consequential outcomes, including economic activity, business start-up rates, crime rates, health habits, and electoral trends.”

A study with a large participation

A study with a large participation To reach these conclusions, the team of researchers, made up of Australian, American, Chinese and British scholars, they gave personality tests to more than one and a half million people. They were mostly americans, but five thousand students also participated chinese.

By analyzing and computing the test results, the authors found that the closer the average temperature of a city approached 22 degrees, its population displayed much more favorable personality characteristics.

That is, Although the climate is not the only thing that matters to achieve happiness, it does help to develop facets of our personality that will help us achieve it. And that is already reason enough to be optimistic before the near future and for celebrate the arrival of spring.

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