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22 euros per day with full board, wine and free wifi




A net price of 22 euros per person and day for full board with water and wine included, free Wi-Fi, heating and air conditioning and all the services of a four-star hotel. The hoteliers of Benidorm are on a war footing due to the conditions imposed by the Government for the Imserso program. The Hosbec employers’ association has denounced that the rates proposed by the Ministry of Equality directed by the leader of Podemos Ione Belarra they lead them to “ruin” and therefore demand their resignation.

The Government has chosen extend the Imserso program with prices that do not take into account the effects of runaway inflation suffered by Spain.

benidorm It has historically been one of the preferred destinations for users of Imserso trips for the last forty years.

However, the tourism businessmen of the Alicante town consider it unsustainable to maintain the service with the parameters set by the Ministry of Equality.

For Tony Majorpresident of Hosbec, the department of Ione Belarra “It underestimates, ignores and condemns to ruin the hoteliers who have worked for more than 40 years in what was a successful vacation program that has distributed so much happiness among the elderly Spaniards and has brought such good economic results to the public coffers” .

Entrepreneurs from Benidorm, who offer nearly twenty percent of Imserso places throughout Spain, argue their position with data. Thus, labor costs in the sector have increased by 4.5 percent. Meanwhile, the costs of food and drinks have skyrocketed by twenty percent. Added to all this is the rise in energy prices, which make it unaffordable for hotels to maintain a Imserso rates that force them to include hot and cold air service in the rooms when the price paid by companies for electricity and gas has increased by 150 percent.

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“Lack of sensitivity and reflexes”

In this context, the employer Hosbeck He denounces that “not even the specifications provide for the updating of contributions, both from the State and from the user to the CPI, so the announced freeze has a devastating effect on the tourism industry.”

The Generalitat Valenciana has positioned itself in favor of Benidorm’s businessmen. In this regard, Francesc Colomer, regional secretary of Tourism of the Government chaired by the socialist Ximo Puigconsiders an “error” the position of the Ministry of Ione Bellara, which in his opinion is at obvious risk” the viability of the Imserso trips “due to lack of sensitivity and reflexes.”

This Friday at the Spanish Tourism Council held in Madrid, the Generalitat has again transferred the “discomfort” shown by the Valencian hotel sector and has requested “dialogue to be able to correct a program that rests on the losses of the tourism sector, and that’s unsustainable.”

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