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230 Ukrainians have already regularized their stay in Extremadura

Red Cross personnel attend to Ukrainian children in Extremadura. / RED CROSS

Two hundred and thirty Ukrainians, many of them minors, have already regularized their stay in Extremadura. This is 54 more people since last Friday the Government delegate, Yolanda García Seco, revealed that there were 176. The delegate was visiting the Olivenza shelter run by the Red Cross and which welcomes refugees.

In addition to the Ukrainians who have requested to regularize their stay in Extremadura due to the war in their country, the Red Cross also works in the region to welcome people who come in transit and go to other places, mainly Portugal. It has already assisted more than 1,000 people from Ukraine in a transit situation, both at the train stations and at the Badajoz shelter, where they are given first aid.

On the other hand, it also accompanies refugees who will stay in the region for a while and will apply for residence and temporary protection.

Faced with the emergency situation generated by the war in Ukraine, the Government Delegation in Extremadura prepared a guide with the steps to be followed by refugees who need international and temporary protection from the humanitarian crisis arising from the war caused by Russia

Who can be protected?

Ukrainian nationals staying in Spain before February 24 of this year who, as a result of the armed conflict, cannot return to their country.

Third-country nationals or stateless persons who were legally residing in Ukraine on the basis of a valid legal residence permit (whether permanent or otherwise as students) and are unable to return to their country safely.

Ukrainians who were in an irregular situation in Spain before February 24 and who, as a result of the armed conflict, cannot return to the country.

Members of their families (except for the third case of irregular situation): (i) spouse or de facto partner; (ii) unmarried minor children or their spouse; (iii) other close relatives dependent on them.

Identification and application for protection

The procedures necessary for the identification and request for temporary protection of those displaced from Ukraine are processed exclusively through the Provincial Immigration and Border Brigades of the National Police Corps in the cities of Badajoz and Cáceres.

Those interested must go personally to these units with their passport, identity card or, failing that, any other documentation proving their identity. If they are nationals of a country other than Ukraine, they must also provide documentation regarding their legal residence in that country.

In the case of minors who are accompanied by an adult, the request will be submitted by the person responsible for those who will also prove their identity and relationship.

These units will issue the temporary protection request receipt that will enable the applicant to process the right to health care.

Once the application has been submitted, the Ministry of the Interior will dictate, if appropriate, a temporary protection resolution that will include the residence and work authorization.

In the event that the applicant does not have documentation accrediting the potential condition of beneficiary of temporary protection, he must contact the Consular Office of Ukraine and present his situation.

The contact details are the following:

Badajoz: [email protected] / 924 205 494

Avenida Santiago Ramón y Cajal, s/n (in front of the Castelar Park)

Cáceres: [email protected] / 927 626 525

Pierre de Coubertain Street, number 13 (Cáceres)


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