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25 congratulations for Father’s Day that you can send by WhatsApp

Tomorrow, March 19, we celebrate San José, a very special day in which we remind our parents how important they are to us and how much we have to thank them for. A few dedicated words are the best of gifts, we all like to hear how much they appreciate us, that’s why we bring you the 25 best congratulations that you can send to your father by WhatsApp.

Surely your father will love receiving a message for Father’s Day. Most of the congratulations that are made today are through messaging platforms, one of the most popular is WhatsApp, which will instantly send the message to your parent. But you can also accompany a beautiful photograph together to your social networks with one of these dedications.

As usual, we have selected some of the best congratulations that circulate on the internet, so that you can give an original and emotional surprise on Thursday, March 19. And if you are fulfilling these days of confinement with your family, you will surely succeed with a note in your own handwriting.

Which one goes with your style or with your father’s? Each person is different, hence we have to choose how to communicate with each other. YOUR character, that of your parent or the relationship you have influences. You will surely be right with our messages, take a look and decide:

  • A father has the wisdom of a teacher and the sincerity of a friend. Happy Father’s Day!
  • For my most loyal, sincere and selfless friend. The best ever. My father.
  • A good father is one who teaches his children how to think, not what to think.
  • Dad, you will always be my favorite superhero. Happy Father’s Day!
  • The most beautiful and surprising inheritance that a father can leave his son is the formation of character and showing the steps to follow. Happy Father’s Day!
  • Thanks dad for not telling me how to live. You lived and taught me by your example.
  • Being a father is: laughing, crying, suffering, waiting… Thank you for the opportunity to have a father like you every day. Happy Father’s Day!
  • I didn’t make it easy for you, and yet you never stopped supporting me and loving me. Thank you for your company, Happy Father’s Day!
  • Life doesn’t come with an instruction manual, but hopefully mine came with the best dad to guide me.
  • It is a wise man who knows his own son, (William Shakespeare).
  • For my dad. My Superhero, my impregnable fortress and my cloth of tears. I give you the best I have to give you… My heart.
  • When I make a mistake, you help me; when I doubt, you advise me; And whenever I call you, you are by my side. Thanks Dad!
  • I love you dad, today and always. Happy Father’s Day!
  • Dad, although thousands of kilometers separate us, I always have you by my side and I carry you with me in my thoughts.
  • On Father’s Day I lovingly wrap an envelope of tenderness, I give you the best of gifts, a big kiss and all my heart.
  • He’s a jack of all trades, master of none. He is a poet in his own way, he likes the dawn. And between his hands and between his hands some sores bloom secretly (José Luis Perales).
  • When a newborn squeezes his father’s finger with his little fist for the first time, he has him trapped forever.

Very soon, you will be able send self-destructing messages on whatsapp. They are already available in the latest beta, so they could soon reach the final version.

  • Some heroes don’t have capes. We call these dad. Happy Father’s Day!
  • Parents are dedicated one day a year, but mine dedicates every day of his life to me.
  • As time goes by, I know that your face changes, but I also know that your heart does not, I want you to know that your presence in my life motivates me to continue fighting.
  • In all my life I will not forget the teachings and the scolding that made me a winner. Thank you and Happy Father’s Day!
  • Father, you say you brought me into the world, but my world is you. Happy Father’s Day!
  • Dad, I admire you so much that every day that passes I want to be more like you. Happy day!
  • You are not only my father, you are also my best friend, my teacher and the great love of my life.
  • The only thing better than having you as a parent is that my children have you as a grandfather. Happy Father’s Day.
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