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25 Fantastic Setups That Prove Placing Two (or More) Monitors In Amazing Positions Makes A Whole Lot Of Sense

Does a desktop with two screens make sense? The appearance of the ultrawide monitors has made for many the “old” configurations with two monitors (or more) lose some meaning.

However, for many users this type of ‘setups’ or jobs give more freedom and flexibility, among other things because they allow “separate” workspaces and compartmentalize each task on a different monitor. There are examples for all tastes, and here we show some that may inspire you.

Combining portrait mode with landscape mode is great

Among the examples that we have been able to find —all of them from the fantastic subreddit r/Battlestations— there is one that recurs and therefore seems highly valued by users: it is about those desks where there are two monitors, of which one is placed in conventional, landscape mode, and the other in portrait mode. The idea is the same that this user adopted to the beast using two giant 75-inch televisions, but using monitors.


This type of “workstation” is not very accessible, but that position of the televisions – one in landscape, one in portrait – is increasingly common among many users, as we will see.

The proposal is very useful if we take into account that it is normal for part of our activity to be carried out with that already famous vertical scroll: social networks such as Instagram, Facebook or Twitter are traversed like this, so that it is more interesting to have a large vertical that a great horizontal.

That does not only apply to social networks, of course, and in fact developers usually take very good advantage those monitors in portrait mode so you can also have an even broader way to walk through code.

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One monitor on top of another

Other users prefer to use a monitor (often ultra-wide) and on top of it another normal one that complements their experience and act as an auxiliary monitor and support of the former.

The funny thing here is that due to the dimensions of the ultrawide monitor, the second monitor is on top of the firstsomething that makes one have to look up to see that content and that can be somewhat uncomfortable for our neck.

There is an advantage with this type of configuration: to go from one monitor to another, you have to move less distance with the mousesince we can go from one to another more quickly than traveling the entire horizontal.

The workspaces that people create are truly unique, and this other example of which he has a father with his daughter’s next to him is another small delight.

In both cases one monitor is used on top of the other, although curiously those of (we assume) the daughter they are identicalwhile those of the father place a main pan below, and a “normal” one above.

Combinations for all tastes

And then there are the ‘setups’ that take advantage of an even greater number of monitors and place them with different configurations. Here users enjoy even more optionsand of course there are ideas that can be really inspiring.

And then there are the absolutely crazy desktops, at least when it comes to monitors. This user calls his creation ‘The Highlander’, and every time he has been changing PCs he has been adding a monitor. The hard part here is probably knowing where to look.. Or where not.

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