Sunday, December 4

25 technology news to start the morning informed of the latest

For early risers, the busy, and those who like to be well informed first thing in the morning, the summary of compiles the most outstanding technological information of the last hours.

Elon Musk has revealed its master plan after the purchase of Twitter: create an app named Xan “all in one” that serves as messaging app, social network and payments. Like China’s WeChat, wow…

Arrives Matter 1.0the new smart home universal standard created by Google, Apple, Amazon, Samsung and 280 other companies.

The automation of employment reaches dramatic extremes: a Glovo rider dies while making a delivery, and after a few hours he receives a dismissal message on his mobile, for not delivering the package.

technological news

If you want to work for Apple you need more than just work experience, according to Tim Cook. read the news

The touch projector for video calls, Glow, another failure for Amazon. read the news

Elon Musk explains why he bought Twitter: he wants to create an all-in-one app. read the news

A Glovo rider dies while delivering a package and is fired for not delivering it on time. read the news

Matter 1.0 officially arrives on Android, soon for Apple with iOS 16.1. read the news


What to do when you can’t access WhatsApp Web because of the QR code. read the news

Oppo A77s, the mobile that points to mid-range bestsellers with premium airs. read the news

If Apple wants to continue selling iPhones in 2024 in Europe, they will have to have USB-C. read the news

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Amazon Kids arrives at Alexa in Spain, fun for the little ones at home. read the news

Pixel Watch vs Apple Watch, size matters. read the news

Which are, according to the OCU, the favorite electricity and gas companies of the Spaniards. read the news

How to cut a rope in seconds without tools. read the news

entertainment and gaming

The best alternatives to Spotify to listen to music and podcast. check the list

Dahmer, the series that tells the life of the Milwaukee Cannibal, is already among the most viewed in the entire history of Netflix. read the news

Unboxing of the RTX 4090: this is the most powerful graphics card in the world. read the news

The NVIDIA RTX 4090 runs Overwatch 2 at over 360fps at 2.5K resolution. read the news

Good news for PC: Sony confirms that its PS5 exclusives will always come out on PC. read the news


He gets stung by a train at 300 km/h and records it while driving. read the news

What is the DEV of the DGT and why should you create your account if you are a driver? read the news

science and culture

They think of a pill with which you will not even need to exercise to control your weight. read the news

This year’s Nobel Prize for Physics goes to the technology that will make quantum computers work. read the news

The map that shows which country is exported more from Spain, province by province. read the news

The curiosities of the day

How to know if that 5 peseta coin you found at home has any value. read the news

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SpinLaunch successfully completes the launch of a NASA rocket without fuel, using a slingshot. read the news

This is U-Boat: the luxury underwater superyacht that costs 25 million dollars. read the news

This has been the technology news summary of the day. Have a nice day!

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