Thursday, May 26

27 technology news to start the morning informed of the latest

You have just arrived at the current summary of The most important news of the last 24 hours, sorted by categories and in headlines, so you don’t waste time.

Apple, Google and Microsoft have come together to create a universal security system that allows remove passwords forever.

It is now available the Nearby Share feature on Android, the equivalent of AirDrop on the iPhone. It allows exchanging files between nearby mobiles.

The NFT market is in free fall: it has collapsed by more than 90%. We explain the reasons.

technological news

The Nearby Share function that mimics AirDrop is now available: how to activate it on our Android. read the news

The NFT market collapses and there are already many who question its future. read the news

The Bizum scam that is wreaking havoc on second-hand apps. read the news

Apple, Google and Microsoft join forces to end passwords. read the news

Elon Musk now attacks Apple: “it’s like having a tax on the Internet”. Read the news


A 5G case for the Nova 10, Huawei’s ingenious solution to the West’s veto. read the news

Distrito acb: the basketball league app that combines the physical world with the virtual one. read the news

Where does the Oppo Find X5 Lite fit in? Read our analysis and opinion

Amazon has gotten tired of Google’s 30% commission on Android and has prepared this master move. read the news

computers and tablets

What are Windows 11 PowerToys and what is this powerful free tool for? read the news

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Reasons that might convince you to jump from Windows 10 to Windows 11. read the news

How to check if Windows is wasting bandwidth and how to fix it. read the tutorial


This is how scammers who clone accounts of financial influencers on Instagram and YouTube work to swindle with cryptocurrencies. read the news

How to make an appointment and requirements to file the 2021/22 Income Tax return by phone. read the news

What happens if you use too much oil in your air fryer and how to tell when it’s too much. read the news

6 Unsavory Things About Industrial Frankfurt Sausages You May Not Know. read the news

The OCU denounces the scam in the kitchen paper of two important brands. read the news

entertainment and gaming

Netflix takes note of the box office and bets on a Sonic series. read the news

Game of Thrones: House of the Dragon premieres trailer, will air at the same time as Amazon’s The Lord of the Rings. read the news

Netflix has been sued by its own shareholders and continues to accumulate problems. read the news

The arrival of the Pixel Buds Pro is imminent: spatial audio and four different colors. read the news


Android Auto already has its screen of death and stops working on some mobiles. read the news

What does it mean for a car to have environmental classification A from the DGT. read the news

science and culture

How to know how many calories a day I need. read the news

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This is how a tornado originates: without warning and destroying everything in its path. read the news

What is the maximum number of languages ​​a person can speak? read the news

The curiosities of the day

World speed record for an autonomous car (video). read the news

This has been the technology news summary of the day. Have a nice day!

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