Wednesday, December 7

28 technology news to start the morning informed of the latest

A new day begins, and our current news summary returns. Get up to date in the world of technology, with just a few minutes of reading. Welcome!

Elon Musk has suffered an unexpected setback: the inspectors it has hired to find fake accounts on Twitter…they haven’t found them. Or at least, not in the percentage that he expected.

A few months after its presentation, the renders that show the design of the Samsung Galaxy S23. It will be slightly larger than its predecessor.

WhatsApp will soon launch a “do not disturb” mode, which will block calls and messages. It was time!

technological news

The turn that Elon Musk did not see coming: new chapter in the purchase of Twitter. read the news

The novelties of Google search to understand requests in a simpler and more natural way. read the news

QR codes became popular with the pandemic and now it is one of the greatest dangers for your mobile. read the news

Instagram is already testing a new function to leave 24h Notes to your followers in the MD. read the news


This is everything we know about the new Xiaomi 12T and 12T Pro, launch date included. read the news

WhatsApp works in a do not disturb mode to avoid distractions with your calls and messages. read the news

The Galaxy S23 family will have a simpler design, a better Samsung camera and a larger size, according to the leak of its renders. read the news

More problems for iPhone 14 Pro users. Read the news

2 TB in the size of a fingernail, first 2-terabyte microSD prototype already functional. read the news

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WhatsApp: how to install and update, all its functions, tips and tricks. read the report

computers and tablets

The novelties that have come to Excel in September 2022 leave no one indifferent. read the news

The Redmi Pad 4G is fully visible: filtering its design and specifications in full. read the news

The future of laptops was just invented by Samsung and Intel. read the news

How to use Word, Excel and PowerPoint completely free. read the news

The official support of Android apps in Windows 11 reaches Spain and many more countries: this is how it works. read the news


The best free alternatives to Wetransfer to send large files. read the news

Landing of Amazon products: Kindle Scribe, Halo Rise, Echo Auto 2 Gen and new Echo Dot with and without clock. read the news

Salt “expires”, how to know if it has gone bad. read the news

With this formula you will know how many calories you should eat a day to lose weight, according to your weight, age and height. read the news

5 cheap gas stoves to save on electricity bills this winter. read the report

entertainment and gaming

HBO Max publishes a spectacular video with the Spanish locations of La Casa del Dragón. read the news


It is likely that you will now have to pay a city toll to access this area of ​​your city by car. read the news

Elon Musk’s Hyperloop will arrive in Spain through Zaragoza. read the news

Greenpeace begins a campaign to put an end to the deception of the environmental labels of the DGT. read the news

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This strange bumper that the VTCs carry in Barcelona has an explanation. read the news

science and culture

5 dog breeds that you should not have due to their health problems, according to a veterinarian. read the news

Scientists discover how to end hunger by changing the global food system. read the news

This has been the technology news summary of the day. Have a nice day!

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