Friday, June 9

29 technology news to start the morning informed of the latest

Technology never rests, and perhaps you have been busier than usual. That’s why every weekday morning we publish our summary of current news, so you don’t miss anything important.

The holographic video calls they are a little closer. Movistar, Orange and Vodadone are already testing them.

If you haven’t received yet the big Windows 11 semi-annual updatewe show you how can you force the download to enjoy immediately.

With an incomprehensible delay, considering that it is a sound platform, Spotify premieres the audiobooks, to compete with Audible.

technological news

WhatsApp is already testing the creation of Facebook-style avatars. read the news

The Google search on ‘how to break an arm’ is a trending topic in Russia: young people don’t want to go to war. read the news

This is how the iPhone 14 accident detection works, a youtuber has verified it! read the news

Holographic video calls, closer than it seems: Movistar, Orange and Vodafone proofs of concept. read the news

Image banks declare war on artificial intelligence. read the news


Why does the mobile or laptop charger get hot and when should you start to worry?. read the news

Huawei Nova Y70, did someone say battery? read the news

Vivo X Fold+, the brand’s new folding smartphone, already has a presentation date. read the news

The 4 features of iOS 16 that you have to deactivate if you do not want to end your data rate. read the news

This is the roll-up and functional smartphone from LG that never saw the light of day. read the news

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The best Android apps to keep track of your health now that summer is almost over. check the list

computers and tablets

Windows 11 already has its big 2022 update: so you can download it. read the news

Amazon Fire 8 HD: greater power and autonomy in the renewal of Amazon’s cheap tablet. read the news


New devolo Repeater 3000 and 5400: this is how these smart WiFi 6 Mesh repeaters are. read the news

Logitech jumps right into the world of streaming with a professional microphone, light, and headset. read the news

TikTok launches a new application copying the originality of another social network. read the news

How to know if you are on a list of defaulters. read the tutorial

Spotify in 2022: a guide to get the most out of the largest music and podcast platform. read the report

entertainment and gaming

Andor has come to Disney + to continue expanding the Star Wars universe and everything indicates that it will be a great series. read the news

The death of Elizabeth II returns to the Top 10 of Netflix a series released in 2016. Read the news

Spotify doesn’t want you to read books, it wants you to listen: the war with Audible begins. read the news

Logitech G Cloud: Console first impressions for streaming games Steam, GeForce Now, and Xbox GamePass. read the news


The batteries of the future electric car are here, full charge in 3 minutes! read the news

The DGT warns about the dangers of sitting in this position in the car. read the news

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science and culture

This is the real reason why you should turn on airplane mode during a flight. read the news

What is autumn anxiety, and some tips to combat it. read the news

The curiosities of the day

The surprising customers of one of the last stores in the world that continues to sell floppy disks. read the news

Valencian students invent a ball of seeds printed in 3D that regenerates forests after a fire (video). read the news

Learn Google Maps by heart? The best GeoGuessr reveals his tricks to achieve it. read the news

This has been the technology news summary of the day. Have a nice day!

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