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3 kinds of products you should buy on sale during Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday

3 kinds of products you should buy on sale during Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday
The sale of clothing has been one of the sectors most affected during the pandemic.

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The shopping experience of this Black Friday It will not be the same this year. Retailers have prepared a variety of offers so we recommend you check three kinds of discounted products you could take advantage of.

Many stores that usually open the Thanksgiving Day, like Walmart and Kohl’s will remain closed this time, but will open their doors from 5 am on Friday. From the night of this Wednesday they will offer products with great offers on their internet sites extending their sales from Black Friday and from Cyber Monday for more than two days and organizing events throughout the month of November.

Despite the changes brought on by the coronavirus, 61% of retailers are planning to offer more discounts this year than those that offer in a traditional way, according to the site RatailMeNot.

If you are one of those who likes to find offers, we have prepared a list of products that you will have to review since they could become an opportunity to purchase during the week of Black Friday.

1. Household appliances

If you’re looking for a good deal on items like coffee makers, fryers, blenders, small appliances, and some must-have kitchen gadgets, this week is a great time to get great discounts in a variety of stores.

The place Slickdeals mention that Kohl’s has a mini immersion blender just $ 2.14 dollars after a discount of a coupon and sale during Black Friday. At Macy’s, the Black & Decker Glass Bowl Chopper, has a sale price of only $3.99. Typically retails for $ 44.99, the site reports

2. Electronics

Tech businesses, including video game consoles, computers, televisions and even smart home gadgets, are generating a lot of interest and a lot of deals are expected. You should bear in mind that usually the offers do not include the latest models of the products you are looking for, but they manage to reach discounts of up to 40% of its original price.

For example, Walmart is offering a 70-inch Vizio LED TV screen for $ 478 during discount season. The same model is sold for $ 650 dollars according to the information on the site Brads Deals.

3. Clothes

This year clothing will also be heavily discounted, after sales of the products fell since the start of the pandemic.

Slickdeals points out that, for example, Madewell brand women’s pants are on sale for $ 52.49 using the code WARMUP during Black Friday. The regular price of the jeans is $ 98.

Toys can wait

One product that you should expect to purchase is toys. To get the best deals you should check the prices two weeks before Christmas since products are typically 20 to 25 percent off. If you want to wait, you could run the risk that stores have little inventory of a product or delays in shipments.

Shopping experts recommend reviewing all offers throughout the year, so you can compare if a product is worth buying during this week of Black Friday Y Cyber Monday.

Remember that on Thanksgiving Day many stores will remain closed but during Black Friday others will open from 5 am You can check the list of hours of the stores that will open this week.

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