Thursday, October 28

3 of the most famous picnics in history (and the origin of this hobby)

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Picnic circa 1900

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“Life is a picnic on a cliff,” according to writer WH Auden, while for his friend the author W. Somerset Maugham, there were “few things as pleasant as a picnic.”

Put in that order, the conclusion is as encouraging as the idea of ​​packing delicacies in a basket and meeting with loved ones in some country place to enjoy a joyful moment “al fresco”.

Eating outdoors is something that, of course, we have been doing since the dawn of mankind, and events similar to our picnics appear in the writings of the Greek philosopher Plutarch and the Roman Seneca, as well as the Roman poet Ovid.

However, according to experts, the idea of ​​that occasion as we know it today began to take shape in medieval times, with banquets served after hunting expeditions.

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