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3 universal tips to burn fat this summer that really work

There is no magic formula to lose weight that works for everyone, but there are several things you can do that do not fail.

Pandemics and lockdowns are not good allies for our physical form. With that of not leaving home, almost everyone has gained a few kilos. And in summer, with the shortest and lightest clothes, and bikinis and swimsuits, everything comes out.

We know that To lose weight you have to spend more than you consumebut it doesn’t just depend on that. Because in addition, each metabolism is different.

There are other mechanisms that help lose weight, accelerating the process. Because activate or accelerate metabolism, which is responsible for burning fat. If we don’t start that fat-burning “engine,” or don’t keep it running, it’s going to cost us much more to lose pounds.

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The GreenLivingTribe website explains three universal tips to burn fat faster.

They are universal because it is proven that they work with everyone, since what they do is activate the metabolism, or speed up the processes that burn fat.

Whether we lose more or less kilos will depend on the diet or the exercise we do, but if you apply these three tips you will get it sooner, and more easily.

Sleep more hours, on a regular basis

It may seem strange to you, but Losing weight is linked to sleeping well.

Yes you sleep the necessary hours, maintaining a sleep routine (going to bed and getting up at the same times), and you do it following the internal biological clock, you will lose weight while you sleepyou will feel more energetic during the day, your metabolism will be more active and you will burn more fat when you exerciseor with the digestion itself.

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The ideal is to always go to bed between 10 p.m. and 2 a.m.. Outside these hours, the body suffers, even if you sleep the necessary hours.


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morning routine

Getting up in the morning, having a coffee with milk and sugar, and looking at your mobile is not the best way to start losing kilos.

GreenLivingTribe proposes three very simple things: hydrate, nourish, and move.

Nothing else to get up drink a big glass of water to hydrate the body, it is a way of telling our metabolism to get going.

Even better, if you add to the water nutrients that provide protein and minerals without calories. For example, spirulina, a type of algae that is sold in powder form, ideal for adding to liquids, smoothies or recipes. Proteins satisfy hunger, preventing you from being tempted to snack between meals.

The third step is to move. It is not about crushing yourself with exercise, but “start” the metabolism with stretches, jumps, arm twists, etc.

This three-step routine only takes a few minutes, and it works to jump-start your metabolism so it starts burning fat first thing in the morning, and faster.

Swap sugar for alternatives, or protein

Finally, the last universal advice is Gradually remove the sugar which is involved in many processes related to body fat.

First of all, try it with some sugar substitute:

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If you are not convinced, replace sugar with protein: nuts, seeds, meat, fish, eggs…

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And if you can’t do without it, at least gradually reduce the amount. For example, instead of putting two tablespoons in your coffee, put one and a half. When you get used to it, go down to 1.

if you follow these three universal tips to lose weight, You will notice that you lose kilos faster, because they directly influence the metabolism that burns fat.

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