Friday, February 3

30 technology news to start the week informed of the latest

We start the week once again with our summary of this weekend’s news, and we’re already telling you, which hasn’t been few.

This weekend we have had numerous analyzes in addition to also being the bridge of San Isidro, patron saint of Madrid.

We have also been able to see multi-device testing that, now that summer is here, they are sure to be useful for many of our users, such as an XXL powerbank with solar panels to be recharged.

Among other novelties, we have also been able to test the PlayDate console which, in addition to being very small, has a small and innovative rotary lever. We also tested a Galaxy M33, the most modest smartphone in the M family.

technological news

The Google Pixel Watch would use the chip of the Galaxy Watch of 2018. Read the news

Google Messages will soon suggest actions like starring and scheduling. read the news

The Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro I would bet on sapphire crystal and titanium. read the news

WhatsApp wants you to have previews of links in status updates. read the news

How to avoid the 8 communication errors most common to telework. read the news

Turtle Beach Scout Air, analysis and opinion of True Wireless gaming headsets. read the news

investors of Shiba Inu they begin to take drastic measures to prevent their disappearance. read the news

Samsung Galaxy M33 5G, analysis and opinion. read the news

this new update for windows 11 causes the blue screen of death. read the news

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They transform a Tesla Model 3 in a kind of tank electric. read the news

They detect a serious fault in two of the best-selling car models in Spain. read the news

what is the car rescue sheet and how to get it: the document that can save your life. read the news

Curiosities and tutorials

Tips to get verified in TikTok. read the news

7 ways to use USB OTG on Android. read the news

From megapixel war to the battle for the useless cameras and the macro of your new mobile. read the news

How does it work wallapop? read the news

How to set Windows display options to be less harsh on your eyes. read the news

How to activate the clipboard history in Windows 10 and 11 and what it is for. read the news

How to change the default download location in Windows 10 and 11. Read the news

Tests that you should always do before buying a second-hand computer. read the news


What is mHealth? read the news

The Dragon Blood Tree is unique, and lives up to its name. read the news

entertainment and gaming

Netflix wants to be your new television channel with its live broadcasts. read the news

6 movies in which you will find disturbing children that will scare you. read the news

PlayDate, the most original portable console. read the news

we could see a AppleTV cheaper to attract the public of the competition. read the news

The 7 best-known teen series of today that you can watch on Netflix, HBO Max and Prime Video. read the news

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Science and Technology

MIT scientists say they can cure deafness with a 2-hour treatment. read the news

They create a tattoo that glows to reveal the oxygen in the blood. read the news

They claim to have found a piece of the asteroid that wiped out the dinosaurs. read the news

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