Wednesday, July 6

31 technology news to start the morning informed of the latest

We welcome you to the news summary. The news of the last 24 hours, summarized in headlines.

Semiconductor company Broadcom has bought VMwarethe reference company in software virtualization, for no less than 61,000 million dollars.

Samsung bets on 200 Mpx sensors, and to demonstrate its quality, it prints a photo taken with one of these sensors… which occupies an entire building.

Beware of the new scam that manages to steal a WhatsApp account, simply with a call.

technological news

They detect a new scam that allows you to steal your WhatsApp account with a simple call. read the news

Semiconductor company Broadcom acquires VMware for a price of 61,000 million dollars. read the news

The OCU gets wet: these are the best electronics brands (and there are surprises). read the news

Number 617 of Computer Hoy is already in your kiosk! read the news

What Apple’s patent suggests about its future first car, we will see in 2025. Read the news


Samsung demonstrates in a giant poster what can be achieved with a photo of its 200 Mpx mobile sensor. read the news

We already know new details of the Honor 70 series: new generation processors and OLED screen. read the news

Think twice before submitting images with obscured details or censored information. read the news

computers and tablets

Ahead of WWDC22 Apple has revealed that iPadOS 16 will arrive with one of the most requested features on the iPad. read the news

Officially presented the Realme Pad X in China: Snapdragon 695 and 2K 60 Hz screen. read the news

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These are the 6 best cheap printers you can buy in 2022. read the report


IKEA’s new smart home hub comes with Matter and a revamped app. read the news

USB cables that wind up on their own and never get tangled, the invention you’ve been waiting for years. read the news

How to make an appointment in person for Income Tax 2021 from the AEAT. read the news

The best home trick to remove sticker glue from almost anything. read the news

entertainment and gaming

One of the most anticipated Spanish horror films of 2022 arrives at Prime Video. Read the news

The series and movies that premiere in June on Netflix. read the news

Will there be pixels in the movie too? The big question behind the trailer for Thor: Love and Thunder. read the news

Leaked deleted scene from Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. read the news

A barrage of new series and trailers: Star Wars Andor, Willow, the new Rowan Atkinson, Horizon Zero Dawn, God of War, Gran Turismo…. read the news

The reasons why Samsung bets on 8K in its top TV range and, although there is no content, it makes sense. read the report

TCL ensures that there will be PS5 Pro and Xbox Series Pro by 2023 / 2024. Read the news

Take the opportunity and get BioShock: The Collection completely free on the Epic Games Store. read the news


The 6 most compromising situations in a roundabout according to the DGT and how to deal with them. read the news

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Start/Stop, the most controversial function of your car: should you deactivate it to avoid breakdowns? read the news

science and culture

These are the FP titles with the most job opportunities in 2022. Read the news

Spain at the forefront of the world of cuisine with a culinary center in the purest Google style. read the news

MIT lab wood that can be 3D printed directly into the final form of a piece of furniture. read the news

Laser-assisted ultrasound, the latest technique to remove cholesterol without the need for surgical operations. read the news

The curiosities of the day

What is the smallest country in the world. read the news

The life-size inflatable pub with which you can set up your own British tavern in the garden (video). read the news

This has been the technology news summary of the day. Have a nice day!

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