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32 people and entities, awarded with the Gold Medals for Fine Arts

The Kings, with the winners of the Gold Medals for Fine Arts, this Wednesday in Pamplona. / EFE/Video: EP

The King and Queen presided over the ceremony at the Baluarte Auditorium in Pamplona

The Baluarte Auditorium in Pamplona was the scene this Wednesday of the award ceremony for the Gold Medals for Merit in Fine Arts 2020, with which the Ministry of Culture and Sports has distinguished 32 personalities and entities that have stood out in the field of artistic and cultural creation or provided notable services in the promotion, development or dissemination of art and culture or in the conservation of artistic heritage. The act was presided over by King Felipe and Queen Sofía, and also included speeches by the Minister of Culture and Sports, Miquel Iceta; the President of the Government of Navarra, María Chivite; and the mayor of Pamplona, ​​Enrique Maya.

In this edition, the film director and screenwriter Montxo Armendáriz received their Gold Medals; the flamenco dancer and choreographer Sara Baras; the soprano María Bayo; the professor of Art History at the Complutense University of Madrid Valeriano Bozal; the flamenco dancer and choreographer Antonio Canales; the chef Quique Dacosta, and the film director Álex de la Iglesia. The composer and conductor Gustavo Dudamel also received their award; the Marcial Pons publishing house; the Cinema and Law collection of the Tirant lo Blanc publishing house; the acrobat and clown Miguel Ángel Fernández ‘Tinga Tinga’; the singer and actress Rosario Flores; the painting restorer María Dolores Fuster; the singer and composer Manolo García, and the president of the Board of Trustees of the Federico García-Lorca Federation, Laura García-Lorca.

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In addition, the Gold Medals were awarded to the collector and patron Pilar Lladó; choreographer and dancer Teresa Nieto; the Real Maestranza de Caballería de Sevilla on its 350th anniversary; the actor Antonio Resines; the zarzuela stage director Emilio Sagi; the gallery owner and collector Margarita Sánchez and the actress Emma Suárez. Posthumously, the actor Álvaro de Luna, the singer and composer Pau Donés, and the fashion designer Andrés Sardá were recognized, whose medals were collected, respectively, by Carmen Barajas (the actor’s widow), Bernat Donés (singer’s brother), and Nuria Sardá (daughter of the designer). Those who could not go to Pamplona due to professional or personal commitments were the actor Carlos Hipólito; the philosopher Emilio Lledó; the professor of Aesthetics and Theory of the Arts at the Faculty of Philosophy of the UNED, in Madrid, Simón Marchán; the disciplinary artist, Paz Muro; actress Adriana Ozores; the choreographer and dancer Carmen Werner, and the composer Hans Zimmer.

In his speech, the King highlighted the “essential” role of culture during the covid-19 pandemic and stated that, “although culture has always been with us, it was in the most difficult times when it became a real need and A relief”. Don Felipe wished that these medals “serve as an impetus to once again fill our theaters, our cinemas, that they encourage us all to read your works, to allow ourselves to be accompanied by your songs: that culture, when we are experiencing such dramatic and tragic moments in Ukraine, which so much affects peace and stability in Europe and the world order, is today and always something essential in our lives».

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For his part, the Minister of Culture and Sports, Miquel Iceta, highlighted their ability to “turn the small into a giant, the perishable into the infinite” and that “you magnify our culture”. These medals, he said, are “a recognition and gratitude” as well as “a pact between society, through its institutions, and you, creators and artists.” The minister concluded by claiming “peace and human rights”, condemning “unmitigatedly” Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and conveying his solidarity with the Ukrainian people.

The actress Emma Suárez, who spoke on behalf of the 32 winners, highlighted that culture is “the essential basis of an education that invites us to create” and emphasized that “a society that respects its artists is a society that progresses in understanding of what is different, in diversity, only in this way is understanding and dialogue possible». “We are responsible in our coexistence to meet and respect each other, to create beauty and share it, from honesty and love,” she pointed out.

Antonio Resines, after receiving his Gold Medal for Fine Arts. / EFE

Resines, “crippled” but “very grateful”

The actor Antonio Resines was “very grateful” after receiving the Gold Medal for Fine Arts, which, as he said, “tastes very well” after having suffered severely from covid-19, a disease that has left him “crippled.” As he explained, after three months bedridden, “I can walk, which three weeks ago I couldn’t.” “I can walk even without the crutch, when I saw the stairs of the platform it almost gave me a heart attack but the Kings, the minister and the president have had the detail to go down,” he said. Resines warned that he now has time to exercise and recover his mobility well. “I’ll get it back, I have a couple of months left,” he specified.

Asked about his conversation with the King precisely about the coronavirus, Resines said that “the tone was tremendous” because he started saying that “he had had a hell of a time.” «It was not the most appropriate at that time but he asked me how I was, and since it coincided that we would see each other in Pamplona…», he commented.

The actor, who pointed out that he is “very happy” because he has made “an effort but it was worth it”, although he will not return to work until after the summer. In any case, he recognized that this award tastes better after having passed a delicate state of health, “he knows very well that they give you this award, when you are a little weak it excites more”. «This award made me very excited, it is important; Entering a category with such different people and from all cultural fields is important, and actors are sometimes a little apart, there are musicians, there are dancers, there are publishers, there are philosophers… it is a serious award and it made me very excited », he insisted.

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