Saturday, September 23

33 technology news to start the morning informed of the latest

If yesterday you were disconnected from the world of technology, all you need is to read our summary with the most important current news. Welcome!

Serious security hole affects hundreds of HP printers. If you have one, you need to update the firmware. We explain how to do it.

It has been found that supposedly Google would have been collecting information on calls and messages without the consent of users. Why are we not surprised?

Spotify is looking for professionals who are experts in NFTs...because they already generate more profits for musicians than streaming.

technological news

They detect a serious security hole in hundreds of HP printer models. read the news

Instagram wants to become an online store with its new feature. read the news

Spofity is open to NFTs…because they are more profitable for musicians than streaming. read the news

Google would have been collecting information from calls and messages without user consent. read the news


Samsung would surprise with its list of devices that can be updated to Android 13. Read the news

WhatsApp’s aggressive fear campaign to end text messages. read the news

The vivo V23 arrives in Spain as an alternative value for money with top details. read the news

WhatsApp reactions come to Android in beta version. read the news

computers and tablets

They disassemble the Mac Studio and find expansion slots for storage. read the news

Why should you safely disconnect a Pendrive? read the news


What is Bizum Help and how to donate money safely through Bizum. read the news

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Insta360 One RS, the most ambitious sports camera has just been presented. read the news

How does Vinted work? read the news

Alternative uses of dishwasher tablets that you probably don’t know about. read the news

entertainment and gaming

How Netflix account sharing control works: will it be possible to avoid it? read the news

Despite the controversies, this film has been the best premiere of Disney +. read the news

The reason behind the controversial change in the Halo series. read the news

Not only is the sequel missing, Dune will also have a prequel series on HBO Max. read the news

Atresplayer: price, where to watch it and what are the best series, programs and movies. read the report

Nintendo has taken 5 years to make the greatest wish of Nintendo Switch users come true. read the news


Is it legal to use the mobile phone holder in the car with the new traffic law? read the news

The number of radars and cameras will grow significantly, according to a report. read the news

Xiaomi’s electric car would arrive much earlier than expected. read the news

The first Tesla Model Y manufactured in Europe leaves the Berlin Gigafactory. read the news

In Spain only two units of this super sports car will be sold. read the news

Liquid rubber, Lidl’s magic spray to keep your car looking like new. read the news

The electric motorcycles of the future for the city: scooters that charge in 5 minutes. read the news

Users discover the solution to the Android Auto error that Google was unable to fix. read the news

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science and culture

The third phase of Elon Musk’s Master Plan could include an AI-controlled robot. read the news

NASA’s new technologies that sound like science fiction: destroy asteroids or magnetic fields against radiation. read the news

This startup is poised to deliver high-speed internet on the Moon and possibly Mars. read the news

The curiosities of the day

Giddel, the robot cleans toilets (video). read the news

They arrest a driving school teacher and two false students in the middle of a driving test: the three were in cahoots. read the news

This has been the technology news summary of the day. Have a nice day!

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