Monday, March 4

33 technology news to start the morning informed of the latest

It’s 6:30 in the morning, and this is the summary of current news on Find out everything important in just 5 minutes of reading.

Instagram is going to verify the age of users… by scanning their face. With this he wants to prevent children from cheating when signing up for the platform.

Alexa is already able to imitate the voice just by listening to a few fragments… even from deceased people. That bad roll!

They showed up yesterday the new POCO F4 and POCO X4 GT, which Xiaomi wants to take to the top. We already have them, so we tell you everything about them.

technological news

This new malware makes no distinctions and steals data from both Android and iOS mobiles. read the news

Amazon Alexa will soon be able to imitate any voice, even dead people… and it’s very bad vibes. read the news

Shiba Inu is one of the cryptocurrencies that is growing the most and there are reasons to continue believing. read the news

Number 619 of Computer Hoy is already in your kiosk! read the news

Elon Musk distances himself from cryptocurrencies despite having been one of the great influencers of their prices. read the news

Instagram wants to verify the age of its users and the method it will use borders on science fiction. read the news


Details about the front camera of the Samsung Galaxy S23 are filtered: a substantial improvement in quality. read the news

The POCO F4 and POCO X4 GT arrive with which Xiaomi wants to regain the throne. read the news

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It presents its TOP photographic sensor: ISOCELL HP3 with 200 Mpx and the smallest pixel in the world. read the news

Millionaire fine to Samsung for not warning users of a small failure after submerging some of its smartphones. read the news

The best ‘Ok Google’ voice commands for Google Assistant updated in 2022. Check the list

computers and tablets

Micron presents the world’s largest micro SD card, but its price will not be within everyone’s reach. read the news


Samsung Galaxy Watch 5: all the information about this new premium watch. read the news

Tim Cook speaks directly about Apple’s next launch: its AR/VR glasses are very close. read the news

Is it worth taking out travel assistance insurance? The OCU makes it very clear. read the news

Shein forces Primark to make a landmark decision that could change the world of fashion. read the news

The OCU gets tired and denounces Pastas Gallo, Danone, Pescanova, Colacao, Tulipán and Campofrío. read the news

Healthy summer recipe from a nutritionist: Thai iced tea with coconut milk. read the news

The reverse sleep trick to combat insomnia and sleep on hot nights. read the news

entertainment and gaming

Now you can know what your Spotify contacts are listening to… live. read the news

Huawei FreeBuds Pro 2 are official: 30 hours of autonomy, Hi-Res sound and improved active noise cancellation. read the news

Netflix will launch a new, cheaper subscription tier with ads, its CEO has announced. read the news

They take less and less: when will Lightyear premiere on Disney +? read the news

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Spider-Man: No Way Home arrives on platforms: in July it can be seen on Movistar Plus+. read the news

The Steam Summer Sale is here, and this time there are deals. read the news


The hydrogen car manages to destroy the electric car: more horsepower and less weight. read the news

science and culture

Spain hides gas for several decades that it cannot exploit but buys it from countries that use fracking. read the news

NASA wants to build nuclear plants on the Moon. read the news

They share one of the scariest and most shocking photos in the history of NASA and spacewalks. read the news

What is the regulatory base in a payroll and how is it calculated. read the news

The curiosities of the day

The basic food that, due to its scarcity, has all the options of becoming the “toilet paper” of this fall. read the news

Drift, the latest invention to relax and reduce stress (video). read the news

The most consumed drink in Spain is responsible for us spending more money than we should on clothing and technology. read the news

This has been the technology news summary of the day. Have a nice day!

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