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34 agents in training for the National Police in Extremadura

Presentation ceremony of the 34 National Police this Thursday in Badajoz. / CASIMIRO MORENO

They will be distributed by all the police stations of the autonomous community, where they will rotate through the brigades

Between hymns and speeches, the Superior Police Headquarters in Extremadura in Badajoz celebrated the thirty-seventh class of National Police trainees this Thursday.

The body has received 34 new students who passed the oppositions last year. Sources from the National Police explain that the number of agents is very similar to what usually arrives every year. The presentation has been made at the door of the Headquarters since the inner courtyard was under construction.

Many of the interns are from Extremadura, as is the case of Carolina Delgado, a 28-year-old from Badajoz. After five attempts, she managed to pass the oppositions last year: «I am very happy because once you are in the final act you forget what you have gone through with the oppositions, you forget everything bad. Now I only have happiness and pride for having come this far”, commented the intern.

Before preparing the oppositions, Delgado studied Law. When he was practicing in the Badajoz court, it was when he decided that he wanted to enter the force: “As a result of the practices, it was when I saw first-hand the important work that the police do,” Delgado explains.

José Ramón Galano, a 31-year-old from Merida, decided to join the Police when he was serving an international mission in the Army: «I thought about joining the Police while I was in Iraq, and I felt that I could better fulfill my role with society in this body ».

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Agent Delgado affirms that the test that resisted her the most was the theoretical one, and that “the most difficult thing was to endure year after year, present yourself to the tests and try it over and over again”. But she adds that “I have always had the support of my family, my friends and my partner; and thanks to them everything has been much more bearable».

Both Delgado and Galano affirm that they are “very demanding” tests. According to Galano: “You have to give up personal things to focus on studying an opposition, but I have always had the support of my family.” Delgado, for his part, adds that «they were five years trying to enter and they seemed very long because there are a lot of tests. If they told you that you were suspended, you had to start all over again »he comments.

As confirmed by the police spokesman, the trainees are going to be distributed throughout Extremadura. Specifically, eleven in Badajoz, six in Cáceres, five in Mérida, four in Don Benito and Villanueva, four in Almendralejo and four in Plasencia. “They will be in each police station and will rotate through all the brigades,” say the same sources.

The event began with the Spanish anthem and with all the interns and senior officers of the Extremadura police in a “position of respect”. Then, Alfredo Garrido López, the superior chief of Police of Extremadura, welcomed the new students, but first he apologized for the absence of the Government delegate, Yolanda García Seco, because she is in the Las Hurdes fire. On her behalf it was Francisco Mendoza, sub-delegate of the government, who spoke a few words. And again with a position of respect, the act ended with the anthem of the National Police and the traditional “Long live the King” and “Long live Spain.”

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