Sunday, December 10

34 technology news to start the morning informed of the latest

The best of the day compiled in the 6:30 a.m. tech news roundup. Welcome!

Telegram Premium is already a reality. It doubles the limits, allows you to share 4 GB files, and downloads are faster, among other new features that we tell you about.

have you ever wondered what data cybercriminals want to steal when they hack a company? They are no longer interested in bank accounts. Customer data, or medical data, is more valuable.

We have premiered a new chapter of our podcast, the last of the season. Although we return soon, next month. Here it is, in video format:

technological news

What data hackers really want to steal. read the news

The Civil Guard warns of the massive sending of extortion emails: neither bite nor pay. read the news

Telegram Premium is already a reality: duplicate limits, 4 GB file uploads and faster downloads among others. read the news

Google Chrome extensions could be spying on you without you realizing it. read the news

China continues to put obstacles and now all comments must be approved before publication. read the news


iOS 16 promises to put an end to one of the most annoying elements when browsing the internet. read the news

Samsung monopolizes Samsung Pay for Android, it will only work on its Galaxy phones and watches. read the news

This is the mobile with which Google wants to conquer users with a tighter budget. read the news

Filtered all the details about the screens of the new iPhone 14. read the news

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New POCO X4 GT and F4 phones leaked with their specifications. read the news

A leak compares the improvement in the screen fold of the new Galaxy Z Fold 4. Read the news

Sing out of the shower with these Android mobile applications that you have to try right now. check the list

computers and tablets

To avoid the wrath of gamers in AMD they are considering changing the requirements of their new generation. read the news

Samsung ViewFinity S8, the Korean monitor for content creators: 4K resolution, IPS panel, HDR and up to 32″. Read the news

Abacus, the biodegradable mini-keyboard with a PC inside, running Windows 10. read the news

This is how Microsoft tests privacy in your Windows 11 and the software and hardware you use. read the news

How to recover in 2022 that old Hotmail email account that you haven’t used for years. read the tutorial

How to publish a document on the web from Google Docs. read the tutorial


The Huawei FreeBuds Pro 2 are seen in detail before their official launch. read the news

After falling below $1,000: how much further could the price of Ethereum fall? read the news

How to easily dispose of used oil without pouring it down the pipes or putting it in a can. read the news

Sleeping with the fan on all night might not be as good an idea as you thought. read the news

The new and controversial Mercadona product that will generate debate: a mask for children. read the news

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entertainment and gaming

One of the most desired options begins to arrive at Google TV. read the news

Claw, the most watched movie on Netflix worldwide, is starring a tall Spanish athlete. read the news

Everything we know about Google’s upcoming AR/VR glasses. read the news

The thinnest PS5 on the planet: 2 centimeters and water-cooled. read the news


E-Gap arrives in Spain, the fleet of vans that recharge your electric car no matter where you are. read the news

The DGT clarifies doubts: the circumstances in which the car does NOT have preference over the bicycle. read the news

science and culture

This is how summer has become a “danger season” for some scientists and its consequences. read the news

What is the fastest animal in the world and what speed is it capable of reaching. read the news

This is Hera, the ESA space mission to defend the planet from asteroids. read the news

The curiosities of the day

Equip submachine guns to robots, the Ukrainian solution to combat the Russian army. read the news

MIURA-1, the first Spanish space rocket, has already started its engines on the launch pad. read the news

This has been the technology news summary of the day. Have a nice day!

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