Saturday, June 10

34 technology news to start the morning informed of the latest

This is the current news summary of Every day first thing in the morning, the most important news collected in headlines and organized by categories.

A macro-study of 800,000 people over 16 years confirms this: cell phones do not cause brain tumors or cancer.

A new EU law who wants what competing apps communicate with each otheror can be installed on “enemy” platforms, has put WhatsApp and company on a war footing.

Manzana they want to make it more difficult for thieves, and for profiteers who buy hardware of dubious origin: any mobile notified as stolen, they will not repair it in their stores or in their technical service.

technological news

Apple would be taking the necessary steps to become a bank, according to Bloomberg. read the news

The mobile does not cause brain tumors: a macro-study of 800,000 people for 16 years, proves it. read the news

They accuse the European Union of wanting to ruin WhatsApp. read the news

The Bitcoin industry consumes as much energy as this country of 70 million people. read the news

Russia’s response to Google’s veto is to launch its own Play Store. read the news


Apple takes a major step to combat the black market for stolen iPhones. read the news

Signs that indicate that you should change the charger of your mobile before an accident occurs. read the news

These are the new emojis that the latest WhatsApp beta brings with it. read the news

Google Maps has deleted millions of comments on establishments and this would be the reason. read the news

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computers and tablets

The next Windows 11 update could change the way you copy and paste forever. read the news

Intel Arc: this is the first Intel graphics for gamers destined to compete with NVIDIA. read the news


YouTube wants to stand up to Spotify and is preparing improvements focused on podcasts. read the news

Headphones with noise cancellation and anti-pollution mask, this is Dyson Zone. read the news

6 tips to extend the life of your true wireless headphones. read the news

10 IKEA accessories for your home office if you telecommute. read the report

Roboburger, the hamburger vending machine that cooks them in real time. read the news

Mercadona in the crosshairs of the networks for its disproportionate price increases. read the news

The government amends the law to prevent the stockpiling of milk, oil, flour and other basic products. read the news

How to leave your inheritance to a pet so that they continue to take care of it. read the news

entertainment and gaming

Bruce Willis retires from the cinema due to a disease called aphasia, what does it consist of? read the news

Samsung reaffirms its commitment to 8K resolution with its new Neo QLED 8K televisions. read the news

All the series and movies that premiere in April on Amazon Prime Video, a long-awaited Spanish series returns. read the news

A reboot of Yellow Humor will return on Amazon Prime Video. read the news

As expected, the new season of this series breaks records on Netflix. read the news

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The new YouTube film and series project encounters a problem: its own algorithm. read the news


Cars without pedals or steering wheels will come to the United States. read the news

Why do you have to add Ad-Blue to diesel cars? read the news

How the discount of 20 cents per liter of gasoline or diesel works, when it is activated and who can request it. read the news

This is how WiFi works in a car. read the news

science and culture

Contact lenses that dispense medication are already a reality: perfect for spring and allergies. read the news

How often can paracetamol be taken? read the news

This is how chaos theory will improve weather forecasts. read the news

The 3 foods consumed by the oldest woman in the world for more than a century, that everyone should eat. read the news

The curiosities of the day

First car in the world that is driven from a PC at home (video). read the news

This has been the technology news summary of the day. Have a nice day!

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