Saturday, March 25

34 technology news to start the morning informed of the latest

Like every day first thing in the morning, the current news summary of arrives to bring you up to date in the world of technology, with a quick read. Here we go!

Yesterday OnePlus Nord 20 5G was introducedY we review the vivo V23 5G.

Cybercriminals reinvent themselves in order to continue doing business. We collect hackers’ new techniques to circumvent cybersecurity.

For the first time in 10 years, Netflix has lost subscribers. advertise cheaper rates with advertising and the end of shared accounts…and its stock falls 37%.

technological news

WhatsApp prepares a paid subscription although you should not worry at the moment. read the news

More than half of Americans would abandon the Internet if they could. read the news

The social network that wanted to dethrone Twitter finally has an official application in the Play Store. read the news

These are the new techniques used by hackers to circumvent improvements in cybersecurity. read the news

Netflix assumes that it must change and announces the end of shared passwords and a cheaper rate with ads. read the news


The design of the Moto Edge 30 is completely filtered along with its price in euros. read the news

How is the new Vivo V23 5G? Read our analysis and opinion

The selfie camera of the iPhone 14 will improve significantly: it will have autofocus and a larger aperture according to a latest leak. read the news

Nord 20 5G, the latest from OnePlus: with certain lights and shadows within its segment. read the news

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The FBI Dictionary of Internet Slang, 83 pages of definitions and abbreviations. read the news

Columbia University develops a method so that your devices cannot spy on you with the microphone. read the news

Guide to buying on AliExpress in 2022: find the best deals and avoid scams and bad experiences. read the report

Seven ways to exterminate house ants without using chemicals. read the news

Supermarkets and stores that keep masks: only for employees or also customers? read the news

4 everyday things that you should never throw down the sink, unless you want to clog it. read the news

entertainment and gaming

VLC is updated with improvements such as support for HDR and 8K content. read the news

Movistar + announces a May full of cinema with The good boss and other great titles. read the news

10 movies in which everyone opts for the bad character. read the report

The Pixel Watch smartwatch with full circular design, integration with Fitbit and wearOS 3.1. read the news

How to listen to the songs on your computer through Spotify. read the tutorial


If your car has autonomous driving you will be able to watch TV, at least in the UK. read the news

Android Auto traps that almost everyone falls into. read the news

The most expensive cars of 2022… expensive millions of euros. read the news

How to carry the mobile in the car without danger to the fines of the DGT. read the news

science and culture

Scientists warn: NASA’s interstellar messages with Earth’s location could lead to an alien invasion. read the news

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Scientists create the perfect device to separate Oreo cookies. read the news

They create smart chopsticks that make food tastier without adding salt. read the news

What is the world’s largest country. read the news

What is the longest river in the world. read the news

The mobile application that analyzes how you cough and will determine, through machine learning, if you have COVID. read the news

The curiosities of the day

Renfe uses an iPhone from 10 years ago to present the new image of AVE. read the news

Liberland Metaverse, the city of the metaverse designed by Zaha Hadid Architects. read the news

The secret to avoiding arthritis and gout is in the nanobodies that the flames generate. read the news

He follows the movements of Russian troops in Ukraine thanks to the AirPods that were stolen from him. read the news

This has been the technology news summary of the day. Have a nice day!

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