Thursday, April 11

34 technology news to start the morning informed of the latest

For those who are always short on time, or simply like to stay informed during breakfast, this is the current summary of

The russian tech blockade to force a ceasefire, it continues: Apple, Google and EA ban Russian disinformation media, and different content.

Manzana has announced a new keynote for March 8where it will surely present new computers.

HTC left the mobile market a long time ago, but his possible return has been leakedwith a new high-end mobile focused on the metaverse.

technological news

The United States could ban Bitcoin as a measure of pressure on Russia. read the news

The war in Ukraine forces Google Maps to make a historic decision. read the news

Apple joins the blockade of Russia and stops selling its products in the country. read the news

Apple marks March 8 on the calendar with its Peek performance launch event. read the news

Fitbit recalls one of its most iconic watches due to risk of burns. read the news

Russian media hacked to show true Russian army casualties. read the news

The latest news from Mobile World Congress 2022. If you want see how it is insideDon’t miss this video:

Joe Biden puts pressure on tech companies and will try to ban advertising directed at children. read the news

The 10 most powerful technology companies in the world and their reaction to the war between Russia and Ukraine. read the news


The new Moto G22 revealed before its presentation: OLED screen and 50 Mpx camera. read the news

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HTC would return from the dead and would do so with a high-end smartphone under his arm. read the news

computers and tablets

You’ve been closing Windows wrong all your life and you probably don’t know it. read the tutorial

How to make sure you have the Windows 11 lifesaver active: system restore. read the news


Can Shiba Inu Still Make You Rich? The experts have it clear. read the news

Testing the Xiaomi Cyberdog at MWC 2022: I already want one! read the news

The best rolls of kitchen paper according to the OCU: the white label triumphs, although not the one you expected. read the news

Do you use dryer? This cool trick will remove wrinkles from clothes to make them easier to iron. read the news

entertainment and gaming

A band has composed 1,000 30-second songs to hack Spotify, which has to rectify. read the news

Pay more for the most anticipated movies? The Batman tries a formula that you may not like. read the news

Apple TV + prepares a series based on the first science fiction blockbuster. read the news

Best QLED TVs you can buy in 2022. read the report

One of the most anticipated series of March returns to both Disney + and Prime Video. read the news

Ukraine asks Sony and Microsoft to block Russian players, FIFA 22 game removes all teams. read the news


Questions and answers you should know before using Android Auto. read the news

Why used car sales in Spain have stagnated. read the news

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New zero rate of the DGT: affected drivers, vehicles and fines. read the news

How to combat fatigue when driving for several hours. read the news

science and culture

Spanish parents create smart glasses with AI to help their child see. read the news

The chilling consequences for the human being and the planet of a hypothetical nuclear winter. read the news

Genius or eccentric? Why the inventor Thomas Edison forced the candidate to have a bowl of soup in his job interviews. read the news

A new study claims that there were several species of T-Rex and not just one as we believed. read the news

The curiosities of the day

Pixelmon, the promising NFTs that have become a meme. read the news

Goodbye to the HDMI cable: wireless 4K monitors become fashionable, thanks to 5G mm-Wave technology. read the news

A freighter with 4,000 sports cars from the Volkswagen Group, most of them luxury, has sunk. read the news

This has been the technology news summary of the day. Have a nice day!

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