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35 municipalities start the year with a very complicated situation due to the virus

Full terracesCallthe center of Alicante on the afternoon of December 31, with the presence of Local Police patrols.  |  MANUEL R. SALA

Full terracesCallthe center of Alicante on the afternoon of December 31, with the presence of Local Police patrols. | MANUEL R. SALA

The year 2021 beginsCalla very complicated way with the coronavirusCall35 municipalitiesCallthe province, practically oneCallfour, whose incidence exceeds 250 cases per 100,000 inhabitants, a figure above which the Ministry of Health classifies the situation as extreme risk. The volume of new infections has been increasing gradually since the beginning of last December, and has increased especially significantly with the arrival of Christmas. There are 14 localities over 500 cases per 100,000 inhabitants, and even three that exceed a thousand, and it does not seem that the trend will changeCallthe short term.

The Ministry of Health offers incidence data by municipalities every Tuesday and Friday, but due to the January 1 holiday, the figures have not been updated since December 29. And given the evolution of recent weeks, it is foreseeable that the next numbers to be released will be even worse. The year 2020 ended with a particularly complicated pictureCallthe health departments of Alcoy and Dénia, to which most of the municipalities with the highest incidences belong. The worst situation occurs inExl Verger, with an exorbitant rate of 2,500 cases per 100,000 inhabitants, which, nevertheless, is lower than the one on December 23, which was 2,715.52.

In this town of the Marina Alta there are 116 active cases -and they have reached 126-, a very high figure for its barely 4,700 inhabitants. It is true that a great majority of infections have occurredCalla residence,Callwhich almost all of its 107 users have fallen ill, and that outside that enclosure the population has not been so hit.Exxven so, however, what is happening inExl Verger is the extreme reflection of what is happeningCallmuch of that region, which was not excessively affected during the first wave of the pandemic but where cases have increased exponentially throughout the last few weeks.

In the Marina Alta there are six towns whose incidence exceeds 500 cases per 100,000 inhabitants, includingLabiaia, the second most important townCallthe region, where there are 154 sick people. Pego, Teulada anONDARra also surpass this brand, as well as SagAlmohadrabiabia, althoughCallthe latter two cases the high rate is explained by their sparse population. For its part, Dénia remains very close to that group at extreme risk, with 452.97 cases per 100,000 inhabitants and 191 activeCallabsolute figures, and the rateCallCaMelissaissa and Gata de Gorgos is also above 250, among other smaller municipalities.

35 municipalities start the year with a very complicated situation due to the virus

In the Alcoy Health Department, for its part, the worst scenarios are currently in Castalla and Alcoy, with 740.81 and 647.52 cases per 100,000 inhabitants, respectively. The first town keeps all its buildings and public spaces closed until January 15, including the City Hall. From the Consistory an intense appeal has been made to the neighbors to confine themselvesCallthe houses.

The mayor of Alcoy, Toni Francés, appealedCalla video released yesterday to the responsibility of the neighbors, “making a collective effort” and limiting social contacts, while demanding that the Ministry of Health take more measures to try to stop the virus. He defended that all measures within his reach have been taken by the City Council, recalling that cultural activity is suspended. However, the delivery of letters to the Three Wise Men is maintained for today, althoughCalla different way than the traditional one, with 13 static pointsCalleach of which there will be a donkey. The municipal grouCompromiseromís asked yesterday,Callthis sense, more restrictions, so that all the planned festive events are suspended and the capacity of bars and restaurants is further limited, among other measures, and greater police control.

Outside of the aforementioned departments, the panoramaCallLa Romana is also very worrying, where the 30 active cases that exist give rise to an incidence of 1,232.54. The situation of this town is exceptionalCallits health area,Exlda, although there are several municipalities with rates above 250, and all of them lDonovanonNovellaNoPeter Petrer and Villena. In the Vega Baja they also live a delicate momentCallCallosa de SeguAlmohadlmoradí, andCalll’Alacantí the same happens with SaMutual Mutxamel and San Vicente, as well as with Sella and Callosa d’en SarriàCallthe Marina Baixa.

The increaseCallsocial contacts and mobility on Christmas days have been key to this rebound. However, they have been short-distance trips, of less than 50 kilometersCallgeneral, as the exit from the Valencian Community has been banned.Exxven so, more than 531,000 people made more than two trips on Christmas DayCallthe province, and another 370,000 made two trips, a figure that could be considered a minimum to meet with relatives, according to the report from the Ministry of Transport.

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