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36 technology news to start the morning informed of the latest

It’s Monday, it’s 6:30 in the morning, and here begins the summary of’s technology news. Welcome!

Yes you use facebook to sign in to netflixstart thinking about a new password, because this option will no longer be available.

Something similar will happen with the Twitch app for PC and Mac, which disappears on April 30. From then on you can only access the social network from the browser.

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technological news

Bad news if you use Twitch on a PC or Mac: its desktop app will close shortly. read the news

This spyware malware tracks you and takes control of your phone without your knowledge. read the news

Netflix ditches Facebook and will remove a feature from profiles in May. read the news


WhatsApp is working on a new interface for the camera, and this is what it looks like. read the news

Is the new POCO X4 Pro worth it? Read our analysis and opinion

MediaTek sneaks into the TOP 10 Android phones with the best performance of the month for the first time. read the news

If you want a TOP mobile, you have to invest money because (almost) nobody is going to give you anything. read the report

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One of the best phones of the year, the Oppo Find X5. Read the analysis and opinion

How to post a GIF on Instagram. read the tutorial

Applications to convert and compress videos on Android. read the tutorial

computers and tablets

They manage to reduce the noise of the stock fan of Intel Alder Lake processors, using a simple paper. read the news

This is the Dell XPS 13 9310 (2021) laptop. Read our analysis and opinion

If you use Internet Explorer you will not be able to upgrade to Windows 11. Read the news

How to fix your PC if it does not boot using an Android mobile. read the tutorial


The 6 ways to camouflage your router at home without losing WiFi speed. read the report

Shure MV7, analysis and opinion of the microphone for podcast. read the report

Xiaomi is working on its biggest smart display yet, and it’s close to launch. read the news

The best eBook readers of 2022: which one to buy, comparison and guide to choose. check the list

How to correctly declare your cryptocurrencies in the 2021 INCOME. read the tutorial

Tips and guide to buy and sell safely in Milanuncios. read the report

How does Onlyfans work? read the report

entertainment and gaming

Why vinyl singles are the second song on each side and other LP curiosities. read the news

Will Smith resigns from the Academy after his assault on Chris Rock at the Oscars. read the news

7 movies that warn about the worst that can happen with climate change. read the report

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What is Displayport 2.0 and what news does it bring to the gaming world? read the news

7 movies and series based on video games that you have available right now, and 4 that are being shot. check the list


Now the Google assistant in Android Auto has a language problem. read the news

Guide to buying tire inflators and air compressors for the car. read the report

science and culture

For the first time they capture the photo of two astronauts on a space walk from a domestic telescope, in the garden of the house. read the news

They announce the most advanced smart lenses with augmented reality and eye tracking. read the news

Soon we will have cats that do not produce allergies, genetically modified with CRISPR. read the news

Now you will have the opportunity to have a little piece of the Moon in your home. read the news

Your personality depends on what you eat. read the news

The curiosities of the day

The curious official gifts that Oscar nominees received this year along with the nomination. read the news

These robot penguins have broken the Guinness record for jumping rope. read the news

They create a door within a door and it is meant to resist earthquakes. read the news

This has been the technology news summary of the day. Have a nice day!

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