Monday, January 24

37 defendants agree with the prosecution in the largest trial for drug trafficking in Mallorca

The higher judgment for drug trafficking from the history of Mallorca started Monday with a massive pact with the prosecution. Of the 72 accused of distributing marijuana, hashish and cocaine in Son Banya, Son Gotleu, La Soledat and La Part Forana, members of historical clans, 37 settled for sentences of between 10 months and 8 years in prison for various crimes. Another 25 did not reach an agreement with the prosecution and will be tried as of tomorrow at the Provincial Court of Palma, while the public prosecutor finally withdrew the charges against the ten remaining defendants. Macro judgment is the culmination of ‘Operation Ludar’, one of the biggest police coups inflicted on drug trafficking on the island in recent years, carried out between 2018 and 2019 by the Civil Guard and which made it possible to seize large quantities of drugs and head off very active groups.

Those who accepted the pact include some of the island’s best-known drug traffickers, like ‘La Eva’ and her husband, ‘El Lolo’. He will be sentenced to seven years and eight months in prison, while she served a sentence of two years and three months. On the other side, ‘El Moreno’, the brother of ‘La Paca’, and his wife, ‘La Rosario’, who did not conform and face requests of up to six and a half years in prison.

The Provincial Court woke up on Monday armored by National Police, who had designed a comprehensive safety device to avoid any kind of incident. Dozens of agents from the Prevention and Reaction Unit controlled the Plaza del Mercat and sealed off access to the judicial building. At the gates of the Palace of Justice, relatives and friends of the accused gathered, such as ‘La Paca’. There were no altercations.

Members of five well-known drug trafficking clans sat on the bench: ‘El Moreno’, ‘La Eva’, ‘Los Andújar’, ‘El Pitillo’ and ‘La Carmen’, many of them with drug records. The large number of those involved led the Provincial Court to enable three rooms for the holding of the trial. In one, the court, the lawyers and some suspects, and in the other two the rest of those involved following the hearing through videoconference.

Throughout the morning, the prosecutor and the lawyers negotiated compliance agreements. The public ministry, which rinitially claimed almost 500 years in prison in total, offered rebates on their petitions in exchange for those implicated to admit their guilt. After several hours of talks, most of those involved accepted the deal. 37 of the defendants acknowledged the facts before the court of the first section. Many of them accepted sentences of up to two years in prison, which will be suspended, although some, like ‘El Lolo’, settled for almost eight years in prison.

These implicated parties endorsed the prosecution’s account with their confession. According to the indictment, which places the events between the beginning of 2017 and mid-2019, the five clans acted independently but collaborated with each other. The different groups dominated the distribution of narcotics mainly in the towns of Son Banya, Son Gotleu and La Soledat, although their activities also extended to Alaró, Algaida, Biniali, Binissalem, Felanitx, Inca and Selva.

The Organized Crime Team (ECO) and the Civil Guard’s Algaida Judicial Police began a long investigation, dubbed Operation Ludar, which culminated in April 2018. Some 400 agents carried out 72 searches in different parts of Mallorca, with the seizure of more of two kilos of cocaine and 13 marijuana plantations that supplied the different clans of traffickers. During one of these searches, one of the accused I know He pounced with a knife on one of the Civil Guards and stabbed it four times in the shield of protection. The agent managed to push him and the man barricaded himself in a room, from where he later emerged with the gun in his hand and was reduced.

The 25 defendants who have not agreed with the prosecution will be tried as of next Wednesday, in an oral hearing that is expected to last several weeks. The defenses will propose to the court the nullity of the case in the previous questions.

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