Sunday, December 10

37 technology news to start the morning informed of the latest

We welcome you to the current summary of The most important thing that has happened in the world of technology, compiled into a handful of news highlights.

Apple has already set a date for its developer conference WWDC 2022where he will present iOS 16. Again, it will be exclusively online.

Wikipedia is going to be fined by Russia, for not adjusting the vision of the invasion of Ukraine to his “vision”. Politics, and even more so wars, have never been friends with facts.

They say that Elon Musk has had nothing to do with it, but has been to become Twitter’s top shareholderand what you asked for has already been approved: being able to edit tweets. And by the way, he has given some advice to the president of the Spanish government Pedro Sánchez.

technological news

Elon Musk’s advice to Pedro Sánchez to solve the energy crisis at a stroke. read the news

Watch out! The Renta campaign begins and with it the first scam attempts. read the news

Apple confirms WWDC 2022 and with it we will see the news of iOS 16. read the news

Russia threatens to fine Wikipedia for including “inaccurate” and “anti-Russian” information about the Ukraine invasion. The news

Twitter officially confirms that they are already testing the function of editing tweets. read the news


WhatsApp prepares a new function that could facilitate consensus in groups. read the news

The OnePlus Nord CE 2 Lite is filtered in detail with specifications and photos. read the news

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Epic Games launches the RealityScan app with which you can create 3D models from an iPhone. read the news

Since I met these apps I can not live without them: iOS version. read the report

Google mobiles already warn you of earthquakes on your waiting screen with this new feature. read the news

iPhone 14 Pro Max: this would be according to the latest design and camera leaks. read the news

computers and tablets

The tabs in the Windows 11 file explorer are already a reality. read the news

MangoPi, the computer smaller than an SD card. read the news

How much RAM does your PC need? read the report

Believe it or not, you may not be shutting down your Windows 10/11 PC properly. read the tutorial


Do you miss any emoji? They are accepting proposals for Emoji Unicode 16. Read the news

The best websites to create an online CV. read the report

How to request the draft of the 2021 Income Statement. read the tutorial

How to get the reference number of the draft for Income 2021. read the tutorial

How to permanently remove the musty smell of towels. read the news

entertainment and gaming

The unknown function of Spotify that will help you to know better the music that you have nearby. read the news

This is how you can prevent Spotify from sharing your information, and why you should do it. read the news

One of the best series in history ends: when can we see the end in Spain? read the news

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The new generation of video games, for all developers: Unreal Engine 5 is released today. read the news

Hollywood is going to make a movie about the Reddit vs. Wall Street case that caused utter chaos. read the news


Google Maps will start showing the status of traffic lights and the price of tolls. read the news

Car brakes: what types can they be? read the news

Is your Android mobile running slower than usual? Android Auto could be to blame. read the news

The 8 things you should carry in the trunk of the car. read the news

The dangers for the engine of your car of one of the most recommended tricks to reduce consumption. read the news

How to know if there is snow on the roads in real time with official information from the DGT. read the news

How the Government’s measures to pay less for fuel affect you. read the news

science and culture

Skypak 1: an electric jetpack with more than half an hour of autonomy. read the news

Saturn’s rings will eventually disappear, but Mars will have new ones. read the news

Sleeping in any light is harmful to health, science confirms. read the news

How to know if I have passed the COVID. read the news

The curiosities of the day

The submersible wheelchair for everyone to enjoy at the beach or pool. read the news

This has been the technology news summary of the day. Have a nice day!

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