Saturday, April 20

37 technology news to start the morning informed of the latest

Our Monday news summary on brings you up to date on everything that has happened during the weekend in the world of technology.

Apple has begun removing apps from its store that have not been updated for a long time. The developers rightly argue that they are finished products that don’t need any further updates, and they still work perfectly.

Careful with the new WhatsApp scam: Cybercriminals are now posing as official helpdesk.

We recommend you the analysis of the Apple Mac Studio with M1 Max, the Samsung Galaxy A53 5G and OnePlus 10 Pro mobiles and the RocoRock S7 MaxV Ultra robot. We also have articles on how to clear the history of your routerthis is how Tokyvideo works, the best Stream Deck, 5 Udemy Javascript courses, what is the Digital Markets Law, how a nuclear power plant works, and much more.

technological news

New scam on WhatsApp: fake accounts pretend to be official support to steal your data. read the news

Telefónica closes Tuenti definitively in June, and we already know where its employees and clients will migrate to. read the news

Apple will start removing apps from its store that haven’t been updated in a long time. read the news

What is the Digital Markets Law? read the report

This is how Netflix will charge you for sharing the password. read the news


These would be the selling colors of the iPhone 14 with a surprising purple color. read the news

We thoroughly tested the new OnePlus 10 Pro. Read our analysis and opinion

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This is the delicious dessert that gives internal name to Android 14. Read the news

How is the desired Samsung Galaxy A53 5G? Read our analysis and opinion

How to find and use Instagram filters, in addition to using them on WhatsApp. read the report

computers and tablets

How to clear the history of your WiFi router. read the tutorial

How to enter the BIOS from Windows 10 or Windows 11. Read the tutorial

The spectacular Apple Mac Studio with M1 Max has fallen into our hands. Read our analysis and opinion

Alternative ways to force close a program in Windows 11 to Alt + F4. read the tutorial

5 Udemy online courses to become a full stack developer with Javascript. read the report

What are UUIDs and why are they useful? read the report


At last we know what Twitter is going to use these absurd images for. read the news

Apple launches a free repair service if you have this problem with the Apple Watch Series 6. Read the news

These are the first real images of the Pixel Watch: Google’s first smartwatch. read the news

Tablets and torrijas, a sweet snack that heralds a change in cycle. read the report

We have cleaned the house for a while with RoboRock’s most advanced robot, the S7 MaxV Ultra. Read the analysis and opinion

Tips and guide to buy smart sensors for doors and windows. read the report

entertainment and gaming

Samsung points to the metaverse with the registration of new virtual reality headsets. read the news

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This is the new category section that comes to the Netflix app on Smart TVs. read the news

Stream Deck: guide and all the secrets of the favorite device of streamers. Read the analysis and opinion

The best tricks and keyboard shortcuts for YouTube. read the report

7 complete trilogies and sagas (or almost) that you can see on HBO Max, Netflix, Disney + and Prime Video. read the report

What is it and how does Tokyvideo work: the Spanish YouTube with series and movies. read the report

How to Optimize the GPU for Higher Gaming Performance. read the report


They imagine a flying yacht powered by a zeppelin to cross the skies and oceans. read the news

science and culture

Researchers dare inventing a robot rat, and it can do all this. read the news

The “fried egg” jellyfish hides a wonderful secret: it could cure breast cancer. read the news

They record a new “word” of the humpback whale, which has never been heard before. read the news

How does a Nuclear Center work? read the report

The curiosities of the day

The most dangerous par 3 golf course in the world: it can only be reached by helicopter, and the hole is 400 meters below (video). read the news

This is how modern demolition machines work: by bites. read the news

Use AirTags and a PowerPoint presentation to recover your lost luggage. read the news

This has been the technology news summary of the day. Have a nice day!

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