Wednesday, February 21

38 technology news to start the morning informed of the latest

The daily summary of current news returns, after the Easter break. Get up to speed in the world of technology with just 5 minutes of reading.

Twitter has explained How will tweets be edited?while making one thing clear: the changes will not lose the original information, a history will be kept.

The cryptocurrency exchange ethereum to the model Proof-of-Stake a few months lategiving cryptocurrency miners a break, who will be out of a job when it happens.

we recommend youReviews of the TCL 30+ and realme GT 2 mobiles, the JBL Quantum 610 headphones, and the Huawei MatePad Pro tablet. Also items like the 7 tools to write without distractions, what is RCS messaging, how to make windows read the text on the screenonline photography courses, the 7 best movies with car chases, and much more.

technological news

This is the new advanced privacy option that will come to WhatsApp. read the news

The great Ethereum Meltdown is delayed a few months and cryptocurrency miners breathe a sigh of relief. read the news

This malware for Windows wants to steal your access to social networks and banking logins. read the news

You will be able to edit your tweets on Twitter but a history of the modification will be saved. read the news

So you can edit tweets on Twitter. read the news


How to make your Android mobile alert you when you hear a sound. read the tutorial

The good and the less good of the realme GT 2. Read the analysis and opinion

To infinity and beyond, Qualcomm’s obsession that drains our pockets and batteries. Read the opinion piece

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10 tricks to speed up your Android smartphone. read the report

A new mid-range to compete, this is the TCL 30+. Read our analysis and opinion

What is RCS messaging? read the report

computers and tablets

More computers use Windows XP than Windows 11 according to this report. read the news

This is the weak point of Windows 11 antivirus. read the news

Huawei MatePad Pro 12.6″, analysis and opinion. Read our analysis and opinion

The 5 apps that will make your life easier with spreadsheets. read the report

How to upload free books to your Kindle. read the tutorial

How to configure Windows to read text to you on the screen. read the tutorial


This American football team changes the number of the jerseys for a QR code. read the news

Xiaomi invents the smart door of the future with 3D facial identification. read the news

Best photography courses you can take online on Udemy. check the list

The 7 perfect tools to write without distractions. read the report

Differences between USB-A and USB-C. read the report

entertainment and gaming

Android TV 13 will reduce the energy and bandwidth consumption of your Smart TV. read the news

South Park surpasses Game of Thrones as the most requested series on HBO Max. read the news

We thoroughly tested the JBL Quantum 610 headphones. Read our analysis and opinion

The 7 most spectacular movies with car chases for speed lovers. check the list

7 movies and series in which different societies are shown, some good and others not so much. check the list

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What is PlayStation Spartacus? read the report

Microsoft wants to build an ad market on Xbox: virtual ads would come to F2P games this year. read the news


Tesla imitates Apple and will no longer include the charger with its new vehicles. read the news

This driver gets stuck in his Tesla at over 130 km/h. read the news

science and culture

These are the cities with the worst air pollution in all of Europe, and there are several in Spain. read the news

Websites to find ghost towns. read the report

This robot made of magnetic “slime” can extract objects from inside the human body. read the news

JK Rowling gave her father a dedicated first edition of Harry Potter, and you can guess what she did with the book. read the news

The curiosities of the day

Tiktoker reveals the trick with which he avoided going bald: 6 years without using shampoo. read the news

The first smart basket helps you improve your game, with coach included. read the news

They fix the roof of an Italian church and find dozens of balls that had been embedded since the 78 World Cup. Read the report

This has been the technology news summary of the day. Have a nice day!

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